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approximately 105 degrees

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Q: How warm is 36.9C in Fahrenheit?
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How warm can Fahrenheit be?


How warm is Jupiter?

284 Fahrenheit

Is 14 degrees Fahrenheit warm?


Is 32 degrees celsius hot or cold?

32º Celsius is very warm. It equates to 89.6º Fahrenheit.

How warm is 5 degrees celsius in Fahrenheit?

Five degrees Celsius is 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is 39degree fahrenheit cold or warm?


Is 84 degrees Fahrenheit cold?


Is 28 degrees Celsius cold or hot?

it depends...... If its 28 degrees celsius its warm... If its 28 degrees Fahrenheit it would be dam cold.

If the temp is 0 degrees Fahrenheit and tomorrow will be twice as warm what will be the temp?

no,the temp will be half as warm.

How warm is the himalayers?

there isnt a "warm" feeling about the himalayers! around 10 degrees Fahrenheit on a super suny day. really warm!

Is 62 degrees Fahrenheit hot or cold weather?

Most people would consider 62 degrees Fahrenheit to be fairly warm weather, neither really hot nor cold.

Is 80 degrees hot or cold?

hot :) very hot. in Fahrenheit its warm in Celsius, its boiling!

Is Celsius more warm than Fahrenheit?

Celsius is no more or less than Fahrenheit, it is just a way of measuring temperature

What is a warm temperature in Fahrenheit?

Anything above 70 F.

How warm is it on a warm summers day in Engalnd?

In the u.k it's around about 25 degrees Celsius 77 degrees Fahrenheit on a warm summers day.

When doing laundry is 30 degree Celsius warm or cold?

Warm... 30 degrees Celsius is approximately 86 degrees Fahrenheit

How warm is 30 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?

86 degrees Fahrenheit. ---- Celsius to Fahrenheit · Multiply by 9 · Divide by 5 · Add 32 Fahrenheit to Celsius · Subtract 32 · Divide by 9 · Multiply by 5

Is twenty degree Celsius cold or hot or warm or cool?

20 degrees Celsius is 68 degrees Fahrenheit and that is warm.

Is sleet's temperature in 61 degrees Fahrenheit?

No, it would be too warm.

Is 55 degrees Fahrenheit warm?

Not really. You'd be wearing a sweater.

How warm do chicken eggs have to be to hatch?

55-60 Degrees Fahrenheit

Does Fahrenheit mean it is warm?

No, it means you're in the US or one of its territories.

How warm is 29 degrees Fahrenheit?

A few degrees below freezing.

Is 44 degrees Fahrenheit warm or cold?

It is cold temperature relative to the room temperature.

What is the Fahrenheit temperature in a warm room?

That is subjective, but I would say that 80° F (27° C) would be considered warm by most.