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Canada was involved in the Revolutionary War because the American Colonies (U.S. and Canada) were seeking independence, that is how Canada was involved in the Revolutionary War.

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Q: How was Canada involved in the American Revolutionary War?
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When did the French become involved in the American Revolutionary War?


What five states were not involved in the revolutionary war?

which states was not included in the american war

Where did Loyalists move after the American Revolutionary War?

The Loyalists moved to Canada.

Which battle won the Revolutionary War?

American Revolution War, which two countries were involved? who won?

Why did loyalists come to Canada after the American revolutionary war?

becauce we have big bums

What countries were involved in the Revolutionary War?

The American colonies were seeking independence from the British empire. So, American colonies (US and Canada) and the UK were involved in the Revolutionary War. France became involved as an ally of the Americans later in the war, as did Spain so they as well as some of their colonies did as well. Another ally was the African Americans that were seeking out freedom from there owners but others still wanted to stay with Britain because they thought if the Loyalists won they would have more power then if they stuck with the Patriots.the two nations that were involved in the revolutionary war was the british and the americans.

How did America get involved in the Revolutionary War?

Given that the revolutionary war is the war that created the USA, it could be said that the USA was involved from the start.

What happened as the loyalists left to Canada during the American revolutionary war?

they lived happily ever after in Canada, Britain, or Bahamas.

People involved in the Revolutionary War?

Yes, people were in the revolutionary war. This is not a question.

What were the effects on the Revolutionary War the American colonists?

what were the effects of the revolutionary war on the american colonists?

How many American Soldiers in Revolutionary War?

285,000 American Soldiers fought in the American Revolutionary War.

In what American war did the soldiers first sing Yankee Doodle?

The American Revolutionary WarRevolutionary war

What wars were the US Army involved with?

To name a few: American Civil War American Revolutionary War War of 1812 Mexican-American War Spanish-American War World War I World War II Vietnam Gulf War War on Terrorism

Website about the Revolutionary War About the revolutionary All the caused for the Revolutionary War Cause of Revolutionary War Causes of American Revolutionary War Causes of Revolutionary War Causes?


Who was involved in the American Revolutionary War?

Some people involved in the American Revolutionary War are George Washington, Richard Montgomery, Nathenael Greene, Horatio Gates, John Paul Jones, Gilbert de La Fayette, and Tadeusz Kosciuszko. although he didnt realy fight, Benjamin Franklin was involved too

How was the American Revolution like the Vietnam War?

It wasn't; the French Indochina War was more associated with the American Revolutionary War. Both of those wars involved INDEPENDENCE from their colonizers.

How many colonial troops were there in the Revolutionary War?

380000 troops were involved in the revolutionary war

How was Georgia involved in the Revolutionary War?

No it was not it was a lazy state and barly did anything with the Revolutionary war

Was Israel involved in the American Revolutionary war?

declaration of Indepndence, 1776. foundation of the State of Israel, 1948.

How was canada involved in the cold war?

they were involved in the war because when britain was at war canada was at war too.

What was another name for the American revolutionary war?

The American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) is also known as the American War of Independence.

What war was Paul Revere involved in?

Revolutionary War.

Is the Revolutionary War the same as the American Revolution?

Yes, the American Revolution is the same as the Revolutionary War.

When did American Revolutionary War happen?

American Revolutionary War happened on 1775-04-19.

When did Spain in the American Revolutionary War happen?

Spain in the American Revolutionary War happened in 1781.