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Q: How was Connecticut different from masschuessets bay?
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How were the voting rules different in Connecticut and in Massachusetts bay colony?

Massachusetts Bay colony was ruled by a governor while Connecticut had an adopted plan of union called the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, a written constitution, or plan of government. -by someone else who had this for homework ;3

What were the rules for voting in Connecticut and Massachusetts bay colony?


Which 2 states touch the chesapeake bay?

Massacusetts and Connecticut

What is the region is Connecticut?

There are many different regions in Connecticut. There are also many different regions that consider Connecticut to be a part.

What are 3 different truss bridges in Connecticut?

three different truss bridges in connecticut

How did Rhode Island differ from Massachusetts bay colony?

finders of connecticut were jews

What did Thomas hooker do after he left Massachusetts bay?

He went to Connecticut and started a colony there

Did Massachusetts bay and Connecticut colonies government were controlled by the landholding aristocracy?

no they wernt

John Winthrop was the govenor of what colony?

Massachusetts, specifically the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The person who founded the Connecticut colony?

John Winthrop was the person that founded the Connecticut Colony in the New World. John Winthrop was the son of the man who founded Massachusetts Bay Colony.

What did the puritans name there colony?

It was originally called the River Colony before it became a royal colony and just became the Colony of Connecticut.

Massachusetts Bay produced two spin-off colonies?

The Massachusetts Bay Colony produced three spin-off colonies: Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.