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How was Guitar Hero invented?

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What person invented Guitar Hero?

redoctane invented guitar hero

Who invented Guitar Hero 2?

same people who invented guitar hero 1 and guitar hero 3 XD

Who invented Guitar-Hero guitar?

Activision did. They make guitar hero.

What was Guitar Hero 3 invented for?

To continue on the trend after guitar hero 2.

When was Guitar Hero 3 invented?

guitar hero 3 was invented October 28th 2007, (this was the release date)

What date was Guitar Hero invented?

It was invented in 2005.

When was the guitar controller invented?

2005 when guitar hero was created

How Invented Guitar Hero?

It depends. Harmonix created Guitar Hero 1, 2, and 80's. RedOctane/Activision created Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero: World Tour. You can tell the difference by the graphics pretty much.

Why did people invent Guitar Hero?

people invented guitar hero to have fun without having to go through learning to play guitar

How many Guitar Hero games are there?

The Guitar Hero games are:Guitar HeroGuitar Hero IIGuitar Hero: Rock the 80'sGuitar Hero IIIGuitar Hero AerosmithGuitar Hero World TourGuitar Hero MettalicaGuitar Hero IVGuitar Hero VGuitar Hero Van HalenDJ HeroBand Hero

What is the list of guitar heroes'?

guitar hero guitar hero 2 guitar hero rock the 80's guitar hero 3 guitar hero aerosmith guitar hero world tour guitar hero mettalica guitar hero 5 guitar hero van halen dj hero band hero

Who invented Guitar Hero metallica?

The coolest dude in the universe

What are the names of all the Guitar Hero games?

Guitar Hero 1, Guitar Hero Rock the 80s, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero Van Halen

What guitar hero is guitar hero arcade?

Guitar Hero III (Guitar Hero 3)

How many guitar heroes has there been?

Main Titles: Guitar Hero Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero III Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Band-centric games: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Guitar Hero: Metallica Guitar Hero: Van Halen Expansion Games: Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s Guitar Hero Smash Hits Band Hero DJ Hero: DJ Hero DJ Hero 2 Portable Games: Guitar Hero On Tour Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits Mobile Games: Guitar Hero III: Mobile Guitar Hero III: Back Stage Pass Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile Guitar Hero 5 Mobile Other Games: Guitar Hero Carabiner Guitar Hero Arcade Guitar Hero (iOS)

Is there a game of Guitar Hero?

yes, guitar hero, guitar hero rocks the 80s, guitar hero 2, guitar hero aerosmith, guitar hero 3, and guitar hero world tour. those r in chronological order.

When was Guitar Hero invented?

when pigs fly in the Sahara desert breathingfire

What video game is more famous Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

Most likely guitar hero, considering it was the game that brought rock into rhythm games and invented the guitar controller.

What is the order of Guitar Hero games?

guitar hero 1, guitar hero 2, guitar hero:encore rock the 80s, guitar hero 3:legends of rock, guitar hero:van halen, guitar hero world tour, guitar hero 5, guitar hero: warriors of rock!

Can you use a Guitar Hero 4 guitar on Guitar Hero 5?

yes indeed you can use a guitar hero 4 guitar on guitar hero 5... in fact, if you have drums, microphone, or guitar from ANY guitar hero pack.. you will be able to use any of them with any guitar hero package which include ALL of the GUITAR HERO PACKS.. ** Guitar hero 1 ** Guitar hero 2, 3, 4, , 5, and even on band hero

Can you use PS2 guitar that came with Guitar Hero with Guitar Hero 3 game?

You can use any guitar hero guitar with any guitar hero.

What Guitar Hero band games should come out?

Ok, here it comes: Guitar Hero: Guns n' Roses Guitar Hero: U2 Guitar Hero: Black Sabbath Guitar Hero: Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Hero: Led Zeppelin Guitar Hero: Queen Guitar Hero: Nirvana Guitar Hero : Micheal Jackson Well, I guess that's about it.

Can you use a Guitar Hero world tour guitar with Guitar Hero?

yes you can use it with any guitar hero even Guitar hero 5 :)

Does a Guitar Hero 5 guitar work on Guitar Hero 3?

Yes, all Guitar Hero guitars are compatible with every guitar hero.

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