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Most alpha particles could move through the foil with little or no interference because of the empty space that makes up most of the atom. However, if an alpha particle made a direct hit on the nucleus of a gold atom, which has 79 protons, the alpha particle would be strongly repelled and bounce back.

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What experiment did Rutherford use to show the atom had a nucleus?

Rutherford used the gold foil experiment to figure out that an atom had charged particles in the nucleus

What experiment convinced Ernest Rutherford thet atom has a small positively charged nucleus?

The experiment that convinced Ernest Rutherford that atom has a small positively charged nucleus is the Gold Foil Experiment.

Who discoveredthe nucleus using his gold foil experiment?


How did Rutherford discover the nucleus?

He conducted the Gold Foil Experiment.

How did Ernest Rutherford discover nucleus?

Gold foil experiment.

How did ernest Rutherford discover the nucleus?

with his gold foil experiment

What part of the atom did Rutherford discover andhow did he discover it?

Rutherford discovered the atomic nucleus and the proton; the experiment is called gold foil experiment.

What experiment convinced ernest Rutherford that the atom has small charged nucleus?

Gold leaf experiment

What did Rutherford expect to happen in his famous experiment?

Rutherford has demonstrated that the atomic nucleus is positive and separate from the electrons.

How did the Rutherford experiment prove the existence of nucleus?

He show a model of his butt.

Who performed an experiment proving the existence of an atomic nucleus?

Ernest Rutherford

Used by Rutherford in his experiment made of two protons and two neutrons?

Used by Rutherford in his experiment made of two protons and two neutrons are alpha particles. Rutherford discovered the nucleus using his gold foil experiment.

What experiment convinced ernest Rutherford that the atoms has a small positively charge nucleus?

Gold Foil Experiment

The nucleus of a atom was first discovered by?

Earnest Rutherford discovered the nucleus via his gold foil experiment.

What Rutherford discover in his gold foil experiment?

protons are located in the nucleus of an atom

Which scientist using the gold foil experiment isolated the nucleus in 1911?


What experiment convinced ernest Rutherford that the atom has a small positively charged nucleus?

th gold foil experiment

What does an alphaparticle give off?

An alpha particle is equivalent to a nucleus of the helium-4 atom.

When did Ernest Rutherford discover his invention?

Ernest Rutherford did his alpha particle scattering experiment in 1909 but presented his theory on nucleus in 1911.

Who provided the evidence for the existence of a nucleus in an atom?

Ernest Rutherford (gold foil experiment)

Who discovered most of an atom's mass in the nucleus?

Ernest Rutherford with his gold leaf experiment.

Who proved the existence of a positively charged nucleus by his experiment with gold foil?

Ernest Rutherford

How did Ernest Rutherford influence society?

Ernest Rutherford influenced society by discovering the nucleus and protons. He and his student performed a famous gold foil experiment and came to a conclusion of finding nucleus. He also discovered the protons by doing another experiment.

What famous experiment did Ernest Rutherford perform?

Ernest Rutherford was famous for his gold foil experiment, which showed that atoms have a small group of charged particles at their centers, now known as the nucleus.

Rutherford propose center of the atom was negatively charged nucleus?

true but his experiment proved him wrong :)