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Washington wanted it and worked to get it.

- George Washington, "Sentiments on a Peace Establishment," May 1783

A Peace Establishment for the United States of America may in my opinion . . . [include] Academies, one or more for the Instruction of the Art Military; particularly those Branches of it which respect Engineering and Artillery, which are highly essential, and the knowledge of which is most difficult to obtain.

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Q: How was West Point Academy founded?
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When was west point academy founded?


Who founded West Point Military Academy?

It was founded in 1802 by an act of Congress

What year was the US military academy at West Point founded?


When was west point started?

The US Military Academy was founded in 1802.

What year did the US military academy that was founded at west point?


What European military academy was the model for West Point in the nineteenth century?

I believe West Point was founded on the example of Saint-Cyr, the French Military Academy started by Napoleon.

When was west point founded?

West Point was established as a military base by the Continental Army in 1778. It became the United States Military Academy in 1802.

When was West Point Grey Academy created?

West Point Grey Academy was created in 1996.

Was the US Military academy at West Point New York opened in 1805?

1802, not 1805 West point was founded in 1802 and is still educating cadets to this very day.

What is better west point or havard?

West Point Academy

Where is the US army academy located?

West Point Military Academy, West Point, New York

Is the navy academy in Annapolis MD also called west point?

No. The United States Military Academy in West Point, NY is West Point.

Where is west point naval academy located?

The US Naval Academy is in Annapolis, MD. The US Military Academy is in West Point, NY.

Where is the West Point United States Militart Academy?

The United States Military Academy at West Point (or simply the Academy or the Point) is located, much as the name might suggest, in the city of West Point, New York.

Is West point a high school?

West Point is a military academy.

What year did the US Military Academy at West Point open?

The west point US military academy was established in 1802.

What state is famous for west point milatry academy?

The United States Military Academy or West Point is in New York

Where is West point Academy?

In West Point, New York, on the Hudson River.

What military academy did Presidents Grant and Eisenhower attend?

West Point. US Army Military Academy at West Point, NY

Is west point or west point academy?

Its the USMA or United states military academy, formally. It can be called both of your sugesstions also.

What year did Donald Trump graduate from The West Point Academy?

Trump didn't attend West Point.

When was the US military academy founded at west point?

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Where is west point military academy?

In West Point, New York, on the Hudson River.

What are the School colors of West Point naval academy?

Black, Gray, Gold are the colors of the United States Military Academy (known as West Point, and being the ARMY academy). The Naval Academy is in Annapolis, MD.

Why did poe drop out of west point academy?

Edgar Allen Poe didn't have enough money to attend West Point Academy -Adrianna Paigee:)