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Ancient Greece created the Citizens assembly which was made up of male citizens of Athens who voted on various issues. There was also a council that was responsible for the daily operations of Athens.

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What ideology was first practiced in classical Greece?

Democracy had its origins in ancient Greece.

How has ancient Greece influenced our politics today?

We have adopted a form of democracy, but it is representative democracy rather then the direct democracy they practiced.

Why is Greece called the cradle of democracy?

Greece is called the cradle of democracy because ancient Greeks and especially Athenians, invented the system of democracy and practiced it for the first time in history.

Where did limited democracy begin in ancient Greece?

In Ancient Greece, a limited form of democracy began in Athens. Athens actually practiced a form of democracy for about 100 years, however, the only free citizens at that time were men.

Was ancient Greece a monarchy or democracy?

Ancient Greece was mostly a democracy.

How are the forms of government differ in ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece they practiced a true Democracy. That is when every citizen is part of the government. The US has a Democracy mixed with a Republic and that's why we elect officials no make all the rules.

Democracy was first practiced in which area of the world?

Democracy is thought to have first been practiced in ancient Athens, in Greece This would have been during the 6th century BCE, although there are claims that civilizations in Egypt may have practiced it prior.

What type of democracy was practiced in ancient Athens?

true democracy

Did ancient Greece have a republic or democracy?


Was ancient Greece run by royalty or parliament?

Ancient Greece was a democracy

Who practiced direct democracy?


What was the democracy in ancient Greece?

Democracy started in ancient Greece, but it was just the beginning.

How did democracy arise in ancient Greece?

Democracy arose in ancient Greece because of Athens. The idea of democarcy developed

The colonist in Massachusetts practiced a form of democracy first practiced in?

This was first practiced by the Pilgrims in the 1620's.

How does democracy works?

Democracy can be described in ancient Greece, they would round up all the free males in Athens (the only Greek city that practiced Democracy) and have them vote on issues as well as make laws.

In which country was democracy in government first practiced?

athens greece

Did Ancient Greece have a president?

Ancient Greece (specifically, Athens) practiced Direct Democracy. There was no president, nor were there governmental representatives. The people voted directly on the issues themselves rather than having representatives in government.

Where did democracy originate?

Ancient GreeceAthens, Greece.

How was the democracy practiced in Greece different from that practiced in Rome?

Rome practiced a type of democracy called Representative Democracy, while Greece, Athens mainly. Practiced Direct democracy. The differences being that Direct democracy has everyone vote on every thing that happens. As opposed to Representative Democracy where you vote for someone to vote for you. America uses a type of Representative Democracy. I hope that helps With all due respect The Black Squirrel

Democracy was first practiced in which part of the world?

We normally associate Athens, Greece with the birth of democracy.

How does democracy work in Canada?

Democracy can be described in ancient Greece, they would round up all the free males in Athens (the only Greek city that practiced Democracy) and have them vote on issues as well as make laws.

Which society practiced direct democracy?

ancient athens

Where was direct democracy first practiced?

Ancient Athens

What ancient city practiced representative democracy?

Athens did.

Where did democracy start?

Ancient Greece

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