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Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel (of the eponymous Nobel Prizes) in 1867.

Early dynamite was made by mixing the explosive liquid nitroglycerin into an absorbent compound, such as diatomaceous earth. It was then wrapped in paper to make sticks, which were detonated by a blasting cap inserted into a

stick or bundle.

A less dangerous alternative was to use ammonium nitrate instead of the unstable nitroglycerin. So called ammonium dynamitewas nearly as powerful.

Modern dynamite is mostly a mix of RDX, TNT, and oil and is called military dynamite. This mixture is designed to provide the explosive power without the safety risks of actual dynamite.

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Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite?

No, peanuts are not one of the ingredients of dynamite. Dynamite is made from Nitroglycerine, also known as trinitroglycerin, and glycerol triturate.

What is dynamite roll and California roll?

Dynamite and California rolls are a Western type of Sushi. The dynamite rolls are especially good because they are made with tempura.

How was dynamite invented?

it was made by Alfred Nobel who made dynamite, it was made out of dead earth and nitroglycerin. they were both mixed and ignited by a shock made by the blasting cap, which was also invented by Alfred

What did Alfred Nobel invent?

DynamiteHe developed dynamite. He used the money he made to establish the Nobel Prizes.

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What Year Did Alfred Nobel invented dynamite?

Dynamite was invented in 1863, but it was too unsafe so Alfred made a safer version in 1867

What is dynamite made out of?

Dynamite was originally made from nitroglycerin absorbed into diatomaceous earth, sawdust, or other material, then formed into round cylinders (sticks), a standard size being 20 centimeters by 2.5 centimeters. A more common and safer modern form of dynamite resembles cordite, and is made from nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose, and a little ketone.

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Alfred Nobel made the dynamite.

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-The dynamite exploded in the building -Dynamite is very dangerous. -Dynamite is used in war.

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The correct spelling is, indeed, "dynamite."

What was the invention that made Alfred nobal most famous?

dynamite, gelignite and ballistite

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The people misused the dynamite bomb which made by Alfrad nobel.The people make an nuclear explosion.They kill the peoples and make a danger for our area.

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Can fused dynamite detonate unfused dynamite?

Yes, it is true that dynamite that is unfused near a fuesed dynamite stick can "explode" due to the combustion of the other stick of dynamite "going off:. Yes, it is true that dynamite that is unfused near a fuesed dynamite stick can "explode" due to the combustion of the other stick of dynamite "going off:.

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George Letrell Dynamite goes by Dynamite.

When did Alfred Nobel patent dynamite?

Alfred Nobel patented his invention, dynamite in 1867.If you're looking for when he invented dynamite, he invented dynamite in 1866.

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i believe its dynamite i jus not sure we just discussed it in my science class

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