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There is no such thing of Pearl Harbor I got two words for you SUCK IT

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Did president know about Pearl Harbor attack?

If you mean before it happened, no it doesn't look like he did. After, yes of course.

What was it like in Pearl Harbor before the bombing?

Ships were stationed there ready to be shipped out if need be. Many ships were grouped together and didn't expect the attack.

What was the weather like on December 7th 1941 during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

December 7, 1941 was a clear and bright day when the Japanese forces began their attack.

Was the attack on Pearl Harbor the most devastating attack on the US?

That sounds to me like a opinion question to me but i would say yes.

When did the japan attack Pearl Harbor?

that's crazy2001, that was 9/11 osama bin laden was like Muslim or something, pearl harbor was attacked December 7 1941

What was Pearl Harbor like before the bombing?

USA military base............................................

What did pearl harbor look like after the attack?

a bunch of ashes some wood it looked bad

Where did japan attack first during World War 2?

pearl harbor, singapore,china and many other islands And the Philippines and they had been fighting China for like 2 years before the war started but pearl harbor is probably what you're looking for.

What direction did the Japanese planes come from the Pearl Harbor attack?

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor they came out of the sun or the East so that it would look like they were coming from America at first.

What is the book of Pearl Harbor about?

Its about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and waht it was like

What was the us policy prior to the attack of Pearl Harbor?

This was known generally as isolationist policy. People were mostly determined to stay out of the war, though they did aid the allies after legislation like the lend-lease acts passed so that the U.S. was able to extend credit and sell arms to allies before the pearl harbor attack.

What was the relationship like between Japan and America before the atomic bomb?

They were at war since Dec. 8, 1941 after the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

Why did japan choose Pearl Harbor as the first target in there attack the US?

Japan chose to atack Pearl Harbour first because they felt like it!

What was Japan and Americas relationship like before the attack on pearl harbor?

They were partners and they had an agreement that include that the united states would provide japan oil, fuel and scrap metal to japan.

What Was life like during the pearl harbor attack?

It shocked, frightened, and enraged the American population. It showed them how vulnerable they truly were.

Why did Tojo declare the attack on pearl harbor?

the us had cut off supplies like fuel and scrap metal to japan

How successful and for what reasons was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred in an attempt by the Japanese to gain control of as much land as possible. The attack itself was very successful by damaging the ships in harbor. The one major point that was not expected was that none of the Aircraft carriers were in the harbor during the attack. Had they been, the US Navy would have nearly been wiped out according to information I have read. The information I have has come from various websites and books like "Day of Infamy" by Walter Lord.

Why did the Japanese chose pearl harbor as the first target in their attack?

to take out the Pacific Fleet, especially the aircraft carriers like the Enterprise

Why did yamamoto force to attack pearl harbor?

back then all that mattered was power kind of like Hitler in a way. he wanted power so he forced and attack but his reasons were about religion mostly.

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