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The music in the 50's was important as well from the 40's. IT is beause during these time periods there were many promblems in that time such as the World War 2 , British invasion and more promblems . So the 50's of music and 40's came to create

a music movemnet that impacted in the teen's culture such as

listening to something really good

craeting dances with twist ,disco,house

lead to creation of rock and roll

and rythem and blues

it just these people enjoyment , life fulled with something to do such as danceing. that effected to become the music of the 60's , 70's and to this point of 2008 .

It important to techonly , on how different devices came to the 50's to now our every day i-pods . So , impacted the future of ours and their of creating music for us .

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Q: How was music in the 40's and 50's important?
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