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The Conservative Party didn't gain overall majority at the last election. So a coalition was formed with the Liberal Democrats. This means that while the Conservatives are in effective power, the Liberals must be considered and their influence taken into consideration in Conservative policy.

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Q: How was power divided in the English parliamentary system of government?
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United Kingdom and Canada are two examples. Sources:

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The executive branch of government may be referred to as the Cabinet.

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Parliamentary democracy

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Parliamentary Democracy.

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Italy has a limited parliamentary government that is based on a proportional voting system.

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It can be, but not necessarily. A unitary state is simply one where the power is centralized in one place and contrasts with a federation in which power is divided among states/regions and a central government. For example, the UK is a unitary state (for the most part) whereas the US is a federation. A parliamentary form of government simply means that the executive branch/ministers/cabinet are part of the legislative body. Both unitary and federal states can have parliaments. For example, India is a federation with a parliamentary system where as the UK is a unitary state with a parliamentary system.

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