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they used Scuba diving equipment to scuba dive. they used a person and put them in the equipment to scuba dive. scuba diving was cool because all the people didnt want to do it but did it anyway because cool people always do things like that.

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Q: How was scuba diving used in World War 2?
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Who started scuba diving?

Scuba diving stated in 1941 during world war II when Italian divers used closed circuit scuba equipment to place explosive equipment under the british naval and merchant marine ships:) thanks i know that I'm smartical:) :) :)

Did you use scuba gear in the Vietnam War?

I did not myself, but friends of mine did. SCUBA equipment had been around for many years, and was used by Navy personnel from time to time.

What was the deepest diving us submarine of World War 2?

The German Type XXI U-boat had a deep diving depth of 280 meters (919 feet).

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Yes it was used in World War 1 but it was stopped being used in World War 2

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Fred M. Roberts has written: 'Assignment Siberia 1917-1919 Russian Railway Service Corps, World War I' 'Basic scuba, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus' -- subject(s): Scuba apparatus, Diving suits, Safety measures, Scuba diving 'Illustrated guide to the oaks of the southern Californian floristic province' -- subject(s): Oak, Identification, Pictorial works 'Underwater photographers logbook (A photographic technology book)' 'Nikonos photography' -- subject(s): Underwater photography, Nikonos camera, Handbooks, manuals 'Guide to the RICHO HI- COLOR 35 and MARINE CAPSULE'

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Two weapons that were first used in World War I?

what was the first weapon used in world war 1

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When was World War I first called World War I?

The name 'World War 1' was first used in 1940.

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It is thought that World War III will be a nuclear war.

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world war I

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It was a war.

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it was never used in world war 1

Sonar in World War II?

Sonar was used in World War II

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world war 1 money

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Nuclear bombs were used in world war II but not in world war I

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World War 1,World war 2,Gulf War,Cold war,falklands war