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How was the Abacus made?

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What is the history of the abacus?

the history about the abacus is that 3000 years ago the chinese invented the abacus. The abacus was made of wood parrelel rod and beads.

Who made abacus?

The abacus has been around for millennia, in various countries. No record of the inventor was made.

Explain the evolution and history of computer?

abacusabacus was the first one to be madeit was made with beads and rods

When was the Chinese abacus made?

It was made in 1815

Where was the abacus made?

Originally in China.

What was the Chinese abacus made for and why?

For a calculater

Who is the first inventor of abacus?

The abacus was made by the ancient Sumerians in the period 2700-2300 BC.

Where was the abacus orignally made?

The abacus first appeared around the period 2700-2300 BC in Sumeria.

Where was the first abacus made?

actient china

Who made the fist computer?

The Chinese abacus.

What is the aincieant Chinese abacus made out of?

They are made of bamboo and beans or stones.

What year was the abacus made?

abacus was used in 300 B.C by the Babylonians. (The oldest) always the oldest from long time ago.

What is the first man made computing device?


What was the first computer called and who made it?

abacus by the chinese

Who was the name of the man who made the abacus?

Fred Robortson

Did the Romans use calculating tools?

Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.

Who invented the machine called the abacus?

the inventer to the abacus is unknown but all that i know so far is that its was invented in babylonia and was made with wood when first invented

Has it change the way you live-abacus?

An abacus is an ancient adding machine. In fact, it is the forerunner of the calculator. It has changed the lives of all people because it made math easier and faster, which led to scientific discoveries and inventions.

When was the first Chinese abacus made?

around 4,000 years ago

Which country invented the abacus?


Who discovered abacus?

who discover abacus

How did the abacus occur?

How did the abacus occur?

Disadvantage of an abacus?

disadvantage of abacus

What was the first abacus?

The Chinese abacus

What does an abacus have?

An Abacus has beads and strings.

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