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AC/DC-Tesla/EdisonEdison's DC was the first person who came up with the generator and.He made it.
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Q: How was the DC electricity generator invented by Thomas Alva Edison significant?
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Who invented the generator of electricity?

Either Issac Newton or Thomas Edison

Where did Thomas Edison invented electricity?

Thomas Edison did not invent electricity, he invented uses for electricity. Electricity is a part of nature. Edison's workshop was in Menlo Park, New Jersey.

Did Thomas Edison invented elctricity?

No, Thomas Edison invented uses for electricity. Electricity is a part of nature.

Where did Thomas Edison invent electricity?

Thomas Edison did not invent electricity. He invented means of making use of electricity.

Who is the invented the electric generator and motor?

Thomas edison

Who invented electricity bulb?

thomas Edison

WHEN Edison invent the electricity?

Mr Edison did NOT invent electricity. Lighting is electricity and we know Edison did not invent THAT. Edison invented a number of ways to USE electricity for human enjoyment, for example, the light bulb, and the record player.

Who invented the mass produced electricity?

Thomas Alva Edison

What challenges did thomas Edison face when he invented the light bulb?

Actually, Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb, Michael Faraday did. However, the lightbulb used low voltage and a platinum wire. Edison wanted to bring electricity from a generator over wires into peoples' homes and have light bulbs work there. So Edison needed a lightbulb that would use a filament at high temperature and high voltage. Edison had to create the entire system: generator, wires, meters, fuses, and bulbs. Then he could sell light bulbs and electricity. He did not just invent one item, but the entire system.

Who first invented electricity and how did they do it?

thomas Edison and he did it by conducting electricity down a kite and through a key ring.

When was electrisity invented?

electricity was invented by Thomas Edison in the 30s and it took him 1000 try's before he succeed

How much did electricity cost when Edison invented it?

Edison did not invent electricity. Electricity has been with us since the beginning of time. Tesla invented the transformer, paving the way for economical transmission of electricity.I do not know how much electricity cost back then. Anyone else is welcome to refine this answer.

Who invented eletrictricity?

Electricity was not invented. It has always been around (lightning is a good example). Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were two of the first pioneers in harnessing electricity.

Did a black invent electricity?

No. The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison who was a white guy.

What did Thomas Edison have to do with electricity?

Thomas Edison invented the first successful electric light bulb. He and his staff at his workshop in Menlo Park New Jersey.

What was the importance of Thomas Edison's work?

Thomas Edison is the one who invented electricity. So without him, you probably wouldn't be on this computer device right now.

Did Thomas Edison try his best when he invented the electricity and light bulb?

yes he tryed his best

Who was able to manipulate electricity to power the light bulb?

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

What did Thomas Edison discover?

He invented more than just electricity and light bulb, he invented the phonoghrap and the vote-recorder machine.

Who is invented in electricity?

A common mistake is to think that Thomas Edison invented electricity, this however is wrong. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, not electricity. No-one "invented" electricity as it is a natural energy form, but many scientists since the 18C investigated its nature and laws. Even the Ancient Greeks were aware of static electricity's effect, but without knowing what it really is. If anyone can be credited with the really important developments, it is Michael Faraday, for discovering and studying the links between electricity and magnetism; leading to inventing the dynamo, transformer and motor.

Who invented electrcity and lightbulbs?

No one invented electricity; it's a natural phenomenon. But Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. The inspiration was the sun and light and dark.

What was the persons name who invented electricity?

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. There has always been a natural form of electrical energy in nature.

Who invented the electric fire?

well since electricity is basically stimulated fire, Thomas Edison invented it while inventing the light bulb

When was the first electricity meter invented?

Oliver B. Shallenberger received a patent for the first electricity meter in 1888. There were meters that were invented in the early 1880s, including one by Edison around 1882.

At what age Edison made invention of electricity?

Edison did not 'invent' electricity, nor did he discover it