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How was the Hopis life after they moved to the desert?

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Did Hopis live in the desert or the woods?


What does The Hopis and Zunis call the invisible life force spirits?


Why did the Hopis Dance?

The Hopis danced because they believed that the Hopis spirts will come to them and dance

What did the hopis live in?

hopis livied in Arozona

How did Hopis travel?

the hopis usually walked from place to place

Which deserts did the Pueblos live in?

Most Pueblo Indians live (or lived) in north-central New Mexico which is not considered as desert. Some did live in the northern reaches of the Chihuahuan Desert and the Hopis live in the Colorado Plateau Desert in the Four Corners region.

Did the hopis have temperary homes?

The Hopis had permanent homes dug into the sides of cliffs.

Was Zeus a god the Hopis believed in?

No. The Hopis major deity is Tawa, the sun spirit.

When was This Desert Life created?

This Desert Life was created in 1998.

What did hopis do?


Do hopis have shoes?


Why do the people in the Sahara Desert adapt to life in the desert?

If people in any desert did not adapt to life in a desert they could not survive.

How did the Navajos learn many customs from the Hopis?

the Navajo would observe the Hopis but not come forth

What are the names of the peoples who live in the Atacama Desert?

The Atacameno tribe inhabited the Atacama Desert for centuries. Later, the Incas moved into parts of the Desert.

Why did St. Anthony go in the desert?

St. Anthony the Abbot, not to be confused with St. Anthony of Padua, moved to the desert at age 35 to have solitude for prayer, meditation and writing. Except for one or two brief trips to civilization, he spent most of the remainder of his life in the desert.

What do Hopis eat?


Where do hopis live in?


What did the hopis wear?


What is the hopis economy?

They treded

What region the Hopis tribe lived in?

The Hopis Indians lived the South West Region of the United States of America.

What god or spirit visited the hopis world once a year?

Around the year 1025, hopis were joined on their lands by ?, such as the Navajos

Where did the Israelites move to survive?

They moved to the Desert for 40 years to survive.A

Is there always plant life in a desert?

no. its a desert for a reason

What is a sentence of desert?

There are many forms of life in the desert.

Where did the hopis live?

in the northwest of Arizona