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The renaissance was a time of change and creativity

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Q: How was the Renaissance worldview different from the Middle Ages?
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The Middle Ages was known as the Age of?

1st answer:Dark ages or middle ages. No "age of"2nd answer:There are those who call the Middle Ages the Age of FaithThe Middle Ages are sometimes called the Age of Darkness, which I believe is a poor name for the period.Within the Middle Ages was a period sometimes called the Age of Chivalry, and another age, with somewhat different connotations but possibly similar dates, called the Age of the Mounted Knight.Also within the Middle Ages were several ages called renaissances. Among these were the Carolingian Renaissance, the Islamic Renaissance, the Ottonian Renaissance, the Macedonian Renaissance, the Renaissance of the 12th Century, and the first half or so of the European Renaissance. In fact nearly all of the time after about 700 AD fell into one or more of these periods.I have heard the Late Middle Ages (1300-1453) called the Age of the Longbow.Depending on how you define the Middle Ages, they included all or important parts of the Age of Migrations (about 300 to 700 AD).

What is the name of the era after the Middle Ages?

The next age after the Middle Ages was the Renaissance or Early Modern Age. There is a bit of overlap between the two, as the Renaissance is taken as beginning about 1350 and the Middle Ages ending about 1450 or so.

Does the term 'medieval' refer to both the middle ages and the Renaissance?

No, the term medieval refers to the middle ages. One thing to understand, however, is that the Renaissance began before the Middle Ages ended, so there was a time of about a hundred years that were in both.

What was possible because of the many inventions of the Middle Ages?

The Renaissance.

Was possible because of the many inventions of the Middle Ages?

The Renaissance.

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Were the clothing during the Renaissance and the middle ages the same?

There was a certain overlap between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, particularly in Italy, where the Renaissance began about a hundred years before the Middle Ages ended. So there was a point when they were the same. Fashions change, however, and this was especially true in both the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Apart from that bit of overlap, clothing of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages were different.

Was a page from the Middle Ages or renaissance?

Middle ages

What was the difference in dance between the middle ages and the Renaissance?

They are slightly different a renaissance is a more passionate dance.

What came first renaissance or Middle Ages?

middle ages

What is after the middle ages?

The Renaissance

What was after middle ages?

The Renaissance

Who labeled the Renaissance as dark ages?

The Renaissance was not labeled the "dark ages". Renaissance means "rebrith" and it came AFTER the "dark ages or the middle ages."

Where did woman worship in the middle ages and renaissance?

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe women worshipped in churches.

How the Middle Ages was a departure from the Renaissance?

Here is a quick answer. The middle ages was different from the renaissance because the renaissance was basicly a time when the arts music and science reawakened and had some advances to it. People were more interested about art, music, literature, and science in the renaissance. During the middle ages it was not as important to the people, so when the renaissance came the arts were kind of reintroduced to the people. The renaissance lasted from about 1300 to 1600.

Witch came first renaissance or middle ages?

The Middle Ages came before the Renaissance. Renaissance means rebirth which is how I remember! Hope I helped:)

What was before the renaissance?

The Middle Ages was the time before the Renaissance.

Middle Ages is known as the great rebirth of culture in Europe?

No, that is the Renaissance AFTER the Middle Ages