How was the economy in the tang dynasty?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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When China was under the Tang Dynasty china became the most powerful and prosperous country in the world.

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Q: How was the economy in the tang dynasty?
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What dynasty is emperor tang from?

The Tang Dynasty

When did the tang dynasty collapse?

There was no Tang dynasty. Are you referring to the Shang dynasty? I can answer that.

Did the sui dynasty become an imperial state?

No the Tang Dynasty did. No the Tang Dynasty did.

What dynasty came after the tang?

The Song Dynasty was established after the Fall of Tang.

What did the Tang Dynasty do differently for the Sui Dynasty?

They made the Tang Dynasty lose everything.

What land was included in the Tang Dynasty?

what land was included in the tang dynasty

Who was tang taizong?

Tang Taizong is a emperor from the tang dynasty. He was open minded and compassion towards situations between his dynasty and the Sui dynasty.

When was Later Tang Dynasty created?

Later Tang Dynasty was created in 923.

When did Liu Can - Tang Dynasty - die?

Liu Can - Tang Dynasty - died in 906.

What medicine did the tang dynasty use?

They weren't called the "tang" dynasty for nothing.

Who is after tang dynasty?

The Song Dynasty

How did the tang and song rulers help the economy to flourish?

The Tang Dynasty was an imperial and is considered the high point of Chinese civilization whose economy at first flourished then declined. The economy during the Song dynasty was one of commercial expansion, financial prosperity, increased international trade-contacts, and a revolution in agricultural productivity.