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The two Red Scares focused on different topics involving communism. During the first Red Scare, the fear was focused on the spread of communism via far left agitators. The Second Red Scare, on the other hand, focused on a worker revolution and radical politics.

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Q: How was the first red scare different from the second red scare?
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How are the targets different between the first Red Scare and the second Red Scare?

first war come on 1734

What is the difference between the first and second red scare?


How was the second Red Scare similar to and different from the Red Scare of 1919?

The Second Red Scare has more to do with McCarthism. They are similar in a way that the America feared the increase of communism. It seems like the first red scare was more violent and booms before the world wars while the second red scare was more to do with wrong -witch hunt like- accuses. Especially, the second red scared was overreaction which caused hundreds of people prisioned and thousands people losing jobs. go check on Google or wiki for more information. good luck!

When did the fear of Communism known as the Red Scare begin in the US?

Following the Bolshevist revolution the first 'Red Scare' was from 1919 through 1921 then the second 'Red Scare' (McCarthyism) followed after the Second World War 1947 to 1954 .

What were the causes of the red scare?

... the first "Red Scare was about job and political reform ... The second "Red Scare " was manly locked on communism and how it has i been indoctrinated into American society and political bodys...

What does the first and second Red Scare mean?

I don't know about first and second, but i do know the red scare was a great fear of communists in the 1940s or 50s. Poeple lost their jobs or were sent to prisons due to little suspicions.

What is the term that describes the fear of Communist influence in the 1950s?

The second Red Scare

What term described the fear of communist in the 1950s?

the second red scare

What is the date of the first Red Scare?

January 21th 1919 was the first day of The Red Scare.

Who was accused in the second red scare?


What was the second red scare?

It was the scare that the soviets would spread communism over the world.

When did the red scare start?

The Red Scare in the United States started in 1919, sparked by the Russian Revolution. There was also the Second Red Scare in the 1950s, driven by figures such as Joseph McCarthy.