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Q: How was the life as a soldier in Revolutionary War?
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When was Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier created?

Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier was created in 1954.

What was Deborah Sampson in the war?

She was a soldier in the Revolutionary War

Average age of a revolutionary war soldier?

The average age of a soldier in the Revolutionary War was 18 to 20. However, boys as young as 16 enlisted and served in this war.

What kind of soldier was in the Revolutionary War?


Salary of a British soldier in the Revolutionary war?


What is another name for revolutionary war soldier?


What did a soldier sleep in during the revolutionary war?

their boots

How would you describe the common soldier during the revolutionary war?

because he is a common soldier

Who is a revolutionary war soldier with red in his name?

Red Coat

Who was the Last living revolutionary war soldier?

Daniel Bakeman

Is Nancy Morgan Hart a soldier in the Revolutionary war?

yes she was

How did Mary Rowlandson contribute to the Revolutionary War?

she was a female soldier

Who was the first girl soldier in the revolutionary war?

Molly Pitcher.

What was the average life expectancy of a colonial revolutionary war soldier?

A soldier in the Continental Army could expect to become a casualty of combat within a month of enlistment. The average age of death for a soldier was twenty-two.

What did Friancis Marion Lafayette do during the Revolution?

He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Did Samuel Adams fight in any Revolutionary War battles?

No, he was not a soldier.

How much did a Revolutionary War soldier get paid?

They didn't Congress was broke

Which president was a revolutionary war soldier at the age of 13?

Andrew Jackson

Was Abigail Adams a nurse in the Revolutionary War?

She was a nurse who provided water for the soldier's during the war

How did George Washingtons life end in the Revolutionary War?

Washington's life did not end in the Revolutionary war. He lived after the war to become the first President of the US.

What would you wear if you were a revolutionary war soldier?

1. Some links below

What revolutionary war soldier received a pardon from George Washington?

Joseph Bettys .

What is right not to quarter soldier?

The right not to quarter a soldier is kind of an outdated concept it came from the revolutionary war it means that you do not have to let soldiers stay at your house in a time of war

What did Margaret corbin do?

If you were wondering her job, then she was a very brave soldier in the American Revolutionary War.

What French soldier led the colonists in the American Revolutionary War?

The Marquis de Lafayette.

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