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What happens is a girl named Alli was searching through the attic. She found a photo with two girls in it. Then in the background there's a third girl. Alli looks on the back. Her grandmother wrote the names. Claire, Alli's mom, Dulcie, Alli's Aunt, and T. The photo was torn there. Alli decides to go to a cottage for the Summer, that's where her mother and her Aunt Dulcie were in the picture, with her younger cousin Emma. While there Emma meets the strange girl Sissy. Alli doesn't like Emma with this girl. At the end of the story it turns out that the strange girl is a ghost. The girl tries to get Emma to go out on the lake in a canoe with her. Alli says she's going to go with her. The girl tries to drown them. Alli and Emma make it out of the water. Ali asks why the girl did that. She said that her name was Teresa and she did that because she drowned in the lake but the police never found her body and she was trying to show Alli where it was. So Alli tells the police where the body is and that's the end.

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2011-01-23 16:10:46
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Q: How was the mystery solved in deep dark and dangerous?
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