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How was the religion connected to in the new England colonies?


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Many of them were Puritan colonies, actually.

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how did religion influence the founding of the new England colonies

The New England colonies were predominantly dissenters and the southern colonies were predominantly Church of England.

The religion that was allowed in the New England Colonies was Christianity. The New England Colonies did not leave England because of religious persecution. New England was also named New England because they followed the traditions of England.

Religion is the entire reason the New England colonies exist. The Pilgrims came to New England in search of religious freedom, and they created colonies where people were free to worship as they chose.

The most common religion in the New England colonies were christianity.

Colonists settled in the New England colonies because they wanted to practice their religion freely.

puritans and also they were christians

Because they wanted to find the new England Colonies so they can practice their religion freely.

if you were a certain religion you lived in a certain area.

Most people in the New England colonies came to America for freedom of religion. Some also had economic reasons.

noneTheir religion was mostly Calivinism.Catholic.Puritanpuritans. RI 1st to allow any religionpuritans and also they were christians The New England Colonies believed in Puritanism.(If you are learning this in social studies, it is such a bore.)

Whereas religion was the basis of life and government in the Northern colonies, the lack of religion in the Southern colonies provided the basis for agriculture.

New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies

Puritans were strongly religious and strict. Quakers also lived there.

I belive it was some form of catholic probably roman

this is stupid but can someone answer this by 3/10/11

Zero, there are no longer new England colonies.

what tecnologies were discussed in the new england colonies

The New England Colonies at first were "Royal Colonies" where England ruled them itself. Later on, they separated and became a new England Government.

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