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In the pre-Edo period, the samurai held high social standing as members of the military class. They were respected for their fighting skills, leadership qualities, and loyalty to their lords. Samurai played a crucial role in shaping the social hierarchy and political landscape of Japan during that time.

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Q: How was the social standing of the samurai in the pre-edo period?
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What was the samurai's social role?

Samurais in feudal Japan were warriors who served a higher-ranking lord and followed a strict code of conduct known as Bushido. They were skilled in combat, practiced martial arts, and were expected to be loyal, disciplined, and honorable in their actions. Samurais held a high social status and were considered the military elite of Japanese society.

Social standing of a person in a society or a group?

The social standing of a person in a society or group refers to their position, rank, or perceived status within that particular social hierarchy. It can be influenced by factors such as wealth, education, occupation, and social connections, and may impact how an individual is perceived and treated by others in that society or group.

What does low social standing mean?

Low social standing refers to a person's position or status within a social hierarchy or structure, where they have less power, influence, or privilege compared to others. It can lead to social exclusion, discrimination, and limited access to resources or opportunities.

How was land ownership related to social class in the social colonies?

In the social colonies, land ownership was directly related to social class. More land ownership equated to higher social class status, as land was a sign of wealth and power. Those with larger land holdings had more influence within the community and were typically seen as being of higher social standing.

How did the new gentry class in this period of social changes attain their status?

The new gentry class in this period of social change often attained their status through a combination of wealth, education, and connections. Many gentry members were able to increase their social standing through land ownership, successful business ventures, or prestigious positions in government. Additionally, education and cultural refinement were seen as important markers of status during this time.

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Imagine a pyramid. At the very top is the emperor. Then comes the figurehead. Then the daimyo. The the samurai (warriors), then peasants (poor but regular people).

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No, since in 1600 the tokugawa shogunate made it impossible move between social ranks. peasents could not become samurai, they couldn't even legally carry swords. To become a samurai after 1600 you had to be born into the samurai

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