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These canoes were constructed out of trees the Tainos called sayee-baa, generally known as the ceiba or silk cotton elsewhere.

They were skilled craft people and made canoes (hew from huge trees and dug out)

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Q: How was the taino and kalinago canoes made?
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Why did the Kalinago attack the Taino?

They wanted land and the women.

What are some similarities between the kalinago and taino political organization?

they were both ugly

Why Mayan technology is considered more advanced than the technology of the taino and kalinago?

it is the ateage thing

What were the Taino islands found in the Caribbean?

The three Taino islands found were Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. The Kalinago islands found were: Barbados, Grenada, St.Kitts, Dominica, Martinique, Nevis, Guadelope. The Taino and the Kalinago tribes were the two tribes commonly known as Arawaks and Caribs that were included in The Ingigenous people of the Caribbean.

Who was the carib leader?

the kalinago leader was called the ubutu , he was less powerful than the cacique (taino leader) except in times of war

What native tribes did Christopher Columbus encounter.?

Christopher Columbus sailed many times but the tribes he encountered was the Taino and the Arawak.

Two special celebrations of the kalinago?

Kalinago Week

What the tainos do for life?

The Taino women specialized in agriculture while the men focused on hunting and fishing. The Taino tribes paid tribute to the chief. This tribe of people lived in settlements and made canoes, fishing nets, and ropes. The Taino tribes fought for many years with the Caribs until they were finally pushed to the South America, then names the northeast of the Caribbean. The Tainos practice their own religion and sometimes had multiple spouses.

Which materials are made from plants?


What where canoes made of when Indians made them Chinook?


How was a kalinago chief elected?

the kalinago chief was elected by test of bravery

Why were canoes made?

canoes were made to help the first nations people get around the earth because back then they did'nt have boats like we do

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