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There were no actual, practicing witches invovled, accused or otherwise existing in Salem during the witch trials.

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Q: How was witchcraft practiced during the Salem witch trials?
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How has witchcraft changed now from how it was practiced during the Salem Witch Trials?

This questions stems from an assumption that there was actual witchcraft during the Salem panic. No witchcraft was practiced in Salem in the seventeenth century. It is very difficult for something that didn't exist to change.

What were the Salem witchcraft trials and when and where did they take place?

The Salem Witch Trials were the legal trials of people accused of witchcraft by "Afflicted" girls in 1692 in Salem Town and Salem Village (now Danvers), Massachusetts

How many people confessed to witchcraft during the salem witch trials?

Nine (9)

When did the Salem witchcraft trials occur?


What is Salem Massachusetts known for?

witchcraft trials

What colony was the Salem witchcraft trials?


Were there other witch trials in places other then Salem?

Yes. Witchcraft trials were a component of the Spanish Inquisition. The McCarthy Hearings in the US were compared to the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

Hysteria over witchcraft in Salem Massachusetts?

Salem witch trials

Where did the Salem witchcraft trials take place?

Salem,MA in the 1600s

What did they do to kill the witches in the Salem witch trials?

During the Salem Trials, witches were hung because in Puritan America, witchcraft was a felony and a felony was punished by hanging.

Where did the Salem Witchcraft Trail take place?

The Salem Witchcraft Trials (plural) took place in Salem, Massachusetts, in what is now, the USA.

In what year did the Salem Witchcraft Trials occur?


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