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How water is formed?

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when hydrogen burns in the presence of oxygen.

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How are water molecules formed?

they are formed by water atoms

What are some surface features formed by water erosion?

The Grand Canyon is a surface feature formed by water erosion. All riverbeds are formed by water erosion. Hoodoos are formed by water erosion.

When are tunra formed?

tundra are formed when glaciers of water freezes. tundra are formed when glaciers of water freezes.

How is a channel formed by water?

volcanos under water exploded and rocks formed it.

How are tributaries formed?

tributaries are formed by erosion and water.

How is a wave formed?

hay there a wave is formed by flopping some waterhay there a wave is formed by flopping some water

How water formed?

water is formed in many differnt ways. one way is the hemosphere

What is humidity and how is it formed?

Humidity is the amount of water in air. It is formed by the process of water cycle.

How is hard water formed?

If you mean hard water as in not soft water, it is formed because of a high mineral content.

How are gullies formed?

gullies are formed by water erosion.

How a river is formed?

a river is formed when rain comes it drops water to the valleys and they get bigger in water

Why is water formed?

Water is formed due to the strong attraction between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

What features are formed by water erosion and deposition?

Discuss the features that are formed by water, erosion, and deposition?

What is formed when a metal reacts with water?

With Cold Water = Metal Hydroxide. With Hot Water = Nothing An acid is formed when certain metals react with water

How were land bridges formed?

They were already formed but the were covered with water.

How were lanforms formed?

Landforms are formed by water, wind and ice.

Are sand dunes formed by water erosion?

No, they are formed by wind

How was west point lake formed?

it was formed by water preasure..

Chimney rock was formed from what type of erosion?

running water It was formed from water that was running away from home

What is broken down and formed in the decomposition of water?

Hydrogen and Oxygen are the two elements that are formed when water decomposes.

Which geographical features is formed by water erosion?

Rocky beaches are formed by water erosion and change the coastline.

Why does earth have water on it?

The earth has water because when there were glaciers around where that water was the glaciers formed the oceans and the glaciers melted and the water went into the places that the glaciers formed.

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