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How water is wasted in your daily lives?

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around 50% of water supplied to Nagpur city is wasted.

Tons of water are wasted because people like Nathaniel knight wash their hands 5000 times a day

Water is important in our daily lives, as our bodies have 75 percent water. If we do not drink enough water then we shall die.

We need water to survive and on our daily lives too.

there is 20% of water wasted in a day

Two Wasted Lives - 2011 was released on: France: May 2011 USA: 2013

The Earth's wasted water is about 67% of the water on earth.

It nearly 10 liters of water is wasted

The Puritans followed the strict rules....NO card games!!!!!!!They said that wasted a lot of time. They spent their free time quilting.

I think 5 gallons of water are wasted.

water is wasted in school from using the sink ,tiolet, washing your hands and more

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There are hundreds of gallons of water wasted every minute. Water is wasted by leaving the faucet running, taking long showers, and flushing toilets when unnecessary.

35% water is wasted on watering gardens and lawn:)

Wasted lives and broken homes.

a lot water is wasted instead the water park owner's try to reuse water but how many times one can reuse

The cast of Wasted Lives - 1925 includes: Elliott Dexter Betty Francisco Henry Hull Cullen Landis Edith Roberts

390,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of water are wasted in one to three years! So try not to waste water!

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