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Q: How well did the Akbar emperor control the government?
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What is a sentence using the word autocrat?

Our Prime Minister is an autocrat: he makes all the decisions for the government without consulting the cabinet or Parliament. Dictator,czar,and emperor are each a type of autocrat. Idi Amin was a well-known African autocrat.

What was the first government of the us based on?

The American Government is based off of the Roman Empire's government. the expression "do what the Romans do" is very appropriate for how many things the American Government has adopted as well.

Could a president be called emperor if they were president of an empire?

If the person is the president of a corporation which is called an industrial empire, he would probably not like to be called an emperor. If the person is a dictator who made himself emperor as well as president, I suppose you could call him an emperor. Emperor is usually a title applied to king-like figures. President usually indicates an elected leader. The two titles are contradictory.

What does it mean to be in control of the senate and or house of representatives?

You have much power in the government to create new laws and make changes to existing ones as well as a lot of other things. It is quite a powerful position.

How does the government really control the people?

They take peoples money that way we can pay taxes!!! - they do more than that 1. they control who you marry and when you can marry someone 2. they control when you can drive 3. they tell you what you can and can't do 4. they control your toilets 5. they say what food you can buy 6. they say what toys your kids can play with 7. they say what type of home you can have 8. they determine how much you get paid 9. they make kids go to school 10. they control your money

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What government did Mexico had during medieval times?

It had a theocratic monarchy, where the emperor or tlatoani was the head of the government as well as the chief priest.

What was Akbar the Great's education?

Akbar the Great was an illiterate. Akbar's education had not gone well both because of the stress of a family on the run as well as his inability to learn to read or write, surely because of dyslexia.

How did the Byzantine emperor maintain control over church?

The emperor chose the patriarch of Constantinople, leading the Church official in the Byzantine Empire.The emperor became an autocrat and the head of the church as well as the state.

How did Akbar help the Mughal Empire to grow?

Akbar was a great mughal emperor and a tolerant ruler. His tolerance also kept the mughal empire united. He was a great warrier and won many battles. Though he was illiterate he managed his empire very well. Babur and Akbar brought the Mughal rule to most of India. They used artillery and swift cavalry tactics vs. their enemies the capture Delhi.

Who killed ahdam khan?

Akbar his father killed him due to Adham killed the new prime minister Akbar chose and he as well tried to kill Akbar.

Is Akbar a good ruler or a bad ruler?

Akbar is actually a Mughal Emperor who was The ruler in India during the early 1700s. Before Akbar's rule Mughal era was not well known. Akbar was very good with keeping perfect political relations. This ruler singlehandedly almost unfied India in all its multi-ethinicity. However he was still an invader from the west. Hence it is quite ambiguious where he lies on terms of being a good or bad ruler. But in comparison to his grandson aurangazeb who desecrated andd destroyed temples, Akbar was a very good ruler. So yea make your choice.

What government does Japan have?

Well, its government is a lot more complicated than ours. First of all, they are a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government. Just to let you know, they still have branches and congress like ours. Although, Japan has an emperor, which is like a king or dictator is the only thing that is different. Japan Emperor right now is Emperor Akihito, commonly referred to as the Mikado?

Who has the power to control deforestation?

Well i think that the government control deforestation as they should control all f the nations natural beauty.

What changes were made in Roman government and in art after Augustus became emperor?

well, Augustus brought the romans in to a pax romana

When was anees akbar the poem writer born?

Anees Akbar, who is a well-known modern poet, was born on December 25, 1987.

What are the methods of that methods have been used to control floods in Bangladesh?

well they have the government for that

How many children did harka bai and akbar have?

Well that is a tough question. Akbar had over 5000 women in his harem. There is not a site that lists who he had children with or how many at this time.