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Q: How were Europeans reasons for overseas exploration similar to the reasons the the Chinese had for overseas exploration in early 1400s?
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What forces drove Europeans to exploration?

Some of the reasons Europeans actively engaged in exploration included the need to find new land and new raw materials. Exploration greatly paved the way for many trade opportunities.

What are the three reasons Europeans nations encourage overseas exploration?

To gain resources, particularly precious stones and minerals. To gain new territories for land and power hungry people unable to find it in the closed-shop of Europe. To gain a source of slaves.

What are some of the reasons for early European exploration?

Some reasons for early European exploration include seeking wealth through trade, spreading Christianity, expanding empires, and searching for new trade routes to Asia. Additionally, Europeans were driven by a desire for adventure and curiosity about the world beyond their known territories.

Why were the Chinese miners disliked on the Victorian gold fields?

Some of the reasons why the Europeans did not like the Chinese was because of their difference in culture and appearance. The Europeans dispised the Chinese's pony tails and their clothing. The Europeans were jeoulous of the Chinese men's hard work, and they believed that maybe one day the Chinese men will

Why did europeans make voyages of exploration?

to find land that is rich with gold ,silver or bronze or to escape sickness. or for political reasons like the some reasons like the British came over to America to end the rule of the king that reined over them.

What were the three reasons why the Europeans explored the new world?

The three main reasons for European exploration of the New World were to find new trade routes to Asia, to spread Christianity to indigenous peoples, and to seek wealth and resources such as gold and silver.

Why did the europeans explore the East?

An example of exploration to the east would be the Crusades. The Crusades happened for multiple reasons one was to flush out heretics and Muslims and the other was to get the riches that the East held in store.

What re the reason for children living overseas?

reasons 4 children to live in the overseas

What are the 5 reasons for exploration?

The five reasons for exploration are curiosity, the pursuit of knowledge, economic opportunities, adventure, and the desire for discovery.

Why do people need to call overseas?

Some of the reasons people need to call overseas include for business and personal reasons. An individual may have family overseas or a corporation may do business with other countries.

What were three reasons of European exploration?

Economic motives: Europeans sought new trade routes and sources of valuable commodities like spices, silk, and gold. Religious motives: They aimed to spread Christianity to new regions and convert indigenous populations. Technological advancements: Developments in navigation, shipbuilding, and cartography enabled Europeans to undertake longer and more successful voyages of exploration.

What are the 6 reasons for exploration?

The six reasons for exploration are curiosity, trade and wealth, power and glory, religion, science and technology, and conquest and colonization.