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they were sent to concentration camps and slaughtered like animals.

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Q: How were Jews taken away from their every day lives?
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What did Jews do in the holocaust?

They couldn't do nothing every right the Jews had was taken away.

What were the specific taken away from the Jews during the holocaust?

Lives, shops, and the thought of being safe.

What rights were taken away from the Jews by nazis?


When were the Jews not allowed to own pets?

In Germany the Jews' pets were taken away from them in September 1939.

What rights were taken away from the Jews by the Christians?

If you mean in the Holocaust it was not a matter of Christians versus Jews, but of Nazis (and their collaborators) against the Jews. The Nazis did not see this as a religious matter but as racial. In the period 1933-1945, the Nazis deprived the Jews under their control of everything, including their lives.

What is the response of the Jews when the Jews are taken away?

They drank cups of tea to make themselves feel better.

What was taken away from Jews during the holocaust?

Everything. That's the short answer.

What was taken from the Jews during the Holocaust?

Jews valubles were taken from them during the Holocaust such as pictures and things worth money.It was more extreme than that. On arrival at the camps everything was taken away from them - including their clothes. Before they went into the gas chambers the women's hair was cut off - and used to stuff furniture. Most important of all, their lives were taken.

What did the Nazis take away from the Jews?

Everything - their property, their freedom and their lives.

What years were Jews taken away?

Jews were removed by force from Germany starting in October 1941. By 1944 there were not many Jews left in Germany ...

Was it just the Jews who got taken away during the holocaust?

no, the Jews were the main race taken but there were also gypsies, any free radicals that the Nazis could find.. anyone who was different was taken.

What right was faken away frim the jews by the Nuremberg laws on citizenship and race?

The right of citizenry was taken away from the Jews by the Nuremberg laws on citizenship and race.

Why was their so little opposition from Jews in the Holocaust?

because they were going to be killed either way. Because they were being opressed. Their willpower was being taken away from them, and German sodiers patrolled the streets. They were being threatened, and every night friends and family were being taken away from them. They were afraid.

What was taken away from the jews in the Holocaust?

their dignity , their hair , and their human rights , oh and their lifes

What did Jews do when their rights were taken away by Nazis?

There was nothing that they could do, the measures were an attempt to get the Jews to leave the country, but there were few places to go to.

What did the einsatz gruppen do to people?

they killed Jews and literally tortured them out of their homes. the Jews were forced to give their whole lives away and leave all of their most prized possessions away.

How did the ghettos in the holocaust escape?

ghettos were places where Jews lived away from the Nazis they couldn't escape because they were a place where Jews were allowed in and could only sometimes go out .the Jews were usually taken away to the concentration camps after a while.

What was taken away from the Jews at concentration camps?

They took shoes clothes and possesions of any value away from the jews. They basically took anything. Including false teeth. They forced the jews to pull out theirn own false teeth.

What right was taken away from the Jews by the Nuremburg Laws on Citizenship and Race?

All of the answers are correct

Did the Jews receive compensation for personal items taken away during the Holocaust?

No they didn`t!

What was life like for the Jews at the start of the holocaust?

By the start of the Holocaust the (affected) Jews had already suffered many years of discrimination, most Jews in Poland were in ghettos, Jews in Germany had most of their rights taken away from them.

Why did Jews run away from Germany in World War 2?

Becuse they would be taken to concentration camps.

Why did the Jews not rebel against the Nazis?

Because they were over powered and slaughtered in the night or taken away with no warning and no chance

What did Hitler do to take right away from Jews?

He rounded them up into concentration camps where they lost their dignity, freedom and lives.

How did the Indian removal act affect the native American lives?

their land was taken away from them so they struggled to live normal native american lives