How were Mars' volcanoes formed?


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Since Mars lacks plate tectonics, the volcanoes were probaly formed by hot spots. These are areas where extra hot mantle material wells up and collects beneath the crust where some of it melts and rises through the crust to form volcanoes.

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No. All the volcanoes on Mars are extinct.

No. The volcanoes of Mars are extinct.

Mars has volcanoes and craters, but not rings.

Mars is not thought to have any active volcanoes. However, there are large inactive volcanoes found on the surface of Mars.

No. Mars does not have plate tectonics. The volcanoes on Mars are the result of hot spots.

No. Mars has cooled to the point that its volcanoes no longer erupt.

The volcanoes on Venus have thin, runny lava, when volcanoes on Mars have thicker lava and the volcanoes are much, much bigger.

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Mars is home to several volcanoes. It is hard for scientists to keep track of the amount of volcanoes on the planet so Mars is broken down into volcanic provinces.

Volcanoes formed the islands of Mauritius.

Some islands are formed by volcanoes, but not all.

there are none in mars -- incorrect.

Mars has volcanoes and the biggest volcano in the whole solar system. There are storms too.

The planets other than Earth on which we have observed volcanoes are Venus and Mars. These planets are made of the same materials to Earth and formed by the same processes. Therefore, like Earth, they have hot interiors that can produce molten rock. Mars may have cooled enough that the volcanoes it has no longer erupt.

There are no active volcanoes at present.

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it has volcanoes, but none are active

What would you expect to find composite volcanoes on Mars? Explain why.

Imdont know but I know how gently sloped volcanoes are formed they are formed if the volcanoes only produces layers of lava

Whether or not Mars has the tallest observable volcanoes, the likelihood that one of the multitude of planets in the universe does not have taller is approaching zero.So.... noAnother Answer:Yes, Mars has the tallest volcanoes, such as Olympus Mons.

Phobos is one of the moons of Mars. Both Phobos and Mars' other moon, Deimos, have craters but do not have volcanoes.

Volcanoes are formed at convergent and divergent plate boundaries.

i conclude that volcanoes are formed usually near the plate boundaries

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