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How were Mexicans treated before they got in the us?


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They put up with a corrupt political system and as such end up having problems with Law and Order, then they bring their attitudes and values here if they sneak in the back door. When they come in legally, they learn about law and learn that they can be sent home if they don't obey our laws.


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i believe that Mexicans owned part of the us, and probably had villages in the us before any of us ever set foot here

In much of the Southwest, they were here long before the US existed.

there's like 84,000 mexicans in the us

Around the 20th century mostly, some where in the southern states before the US was established.

Because the Mexicans are faking to be nice so the US thinks they are friends.

The largest immigrant group in the US are Mexicans, of which about 800,000 Mexicans migrate to the US every year.

Mexicans get paid 20,000$ a year working on a farm

Over 300,000 US sevicemen were wounded in Vietnam.

Because as of late many of the Mexicans coming to America were and are illegal.

Mexicans are made up of particles of matter just like us

Mexicans should not be banned from America, unless they travel illegally. Mexicans are allowed to travel to any countries if they are not doing illegally. I am also Mexican and think that banning us Mexicans from the US and Donald Trump's wall are a bad idea.

The US gained land on the Mexicans in year 1967 this happened because while the US was taking control the Mexicans were to busy eating tacos.

No Mexicans fought on D-Day (unless they were in the US Army.)

No, they are Mexican citizens.

Over 30 percent of the us are Mexicans

Before planes, they would have got there by ship.

it was won in a war fought between the Mexicans and the French. The US claimed the land after the Mexicans won the war. The US built a huge fence and told them to stay out

The Mexican American population of the US is about 12.5%.

No. The US has a population of some 310 million. Only 12 million of those are Mexicans.

southwest of the US Spanish and the Mexicans

by swimming the river or having permission from the government

There aren't. People of Mexican origin in the US account for 15-20 million people -- including both legal residents as well as illegal aliens -- while people in Mexico are approximately 113 million. As you can see, there are more Mexicans in Mexico than there are Mexicans in the US.

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