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They were invented by Georges Claude. They work by passing an electrical current through an inert* gas. They glow! *Having no inherent power of action, motion, or resitance.

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When were neon lights made?

Neon lights were first invented around 1910.

Why was neon lights invented?


Where did George Claude invent the neon lamp?

he liked neon lights so thats why he invented neon

Who invented the neon lights?

john dirge, from Canada.

When did Georges Claude invent the neon sign?

Georges Claude invented the neon lights in 1910

Why did george claude invent the neon light?

He invented neon lights to because he was a man of science and neon was a interesting topic at the time.

Where were neon lights invented?

Georges Claude displayed the first neon lamp to the public on December 11, 1910, in Paris.

What is brighter neon or led lights?

Neon lights

In a brain teaser what is knee lights?

Neon lights.

When was Neon Lights created?

Neon Lights was created in 1978.

Is neon a gas used for lights?

Yes it is used in neon lights.

In a rebus puzzle what does knee lights mean?

Knee on lights = neon lights.

What does the word knee placed over the word lights mean?

knee on lights = neon lights knee on lights = neon lights

What are neon lights used for?

Neon lights are used for decoration, advertizment, and entertainment.

What is knee light light?

neon lights (knee-on-lights)

How do you use neon today?

In neon lights.

What objects contain neon in them?

neon lights.

What is neon gas useful for?

Neon is generally used in neon lights

When were neon clothing invented?

neon clothing was invented in 2000

What does knee lights mean?

neon lights

What is true of neon gas lights?

neon gas lights produce only red light

Who invented the neon light bulb?

Neon Striker invented the neon light bulb in 1837.

When do you use neon in your daily life?

neon lights

What elements are in neon lights?

10, Neon ,Ne

What things can be made from neon?

neon bulbs/lights