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Horrible, some starved but most died of diesease. The Nazis dropped of trailors full of dead children.


In death camps (that is, extermination camps) children were gassed as soon as practical after arrival at the camps - usually within a matter of hours.

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Why were Nazi Death Camps made?

Nazi death camps were created to carry out of The Final Solution to the Jewish Problem.

When were the Nazi death camps invented?

The Nazi extermination camps were invented in September-November 1941.

Why did the Nazi death camps start?

The Nazi death camps were part of Hitler's Final Solution to the Jewish problem. The death camps were an easy way to rid of Europe's Jewish race.

Were all Nazi concentration camps death camps?

No not all of them. Some were labor camps, others POW camps, and some death camps.

What happend in the Nazi death camps' gas chambers?

In the Nazi death camps' gas chambers people were killed with poison gas.

Where were nazi death camps constructed?


How were women treated in a Nazi concentration camp?

The women were treated as badly as the men in concentration camps.

How where nazi treated in concentration?

if you mean in the Soviet concentration camps, then poorly; they lost millions of soldiers in the camps.

Was gassing the only form of death in nazi camps?


Which was the largest of Nazi death camps?

Auschwitz, by far.

Who ran the nazi death camps?

Heinrich Himmler was in charge of all concentration camps and extermination camps.

How many people died in nazi concetration camps?

Approximately 4.9million Jews and Jewish children died in the Nazi concentration camps.

What top nazi was in charge of the Death camps or Labor camps?

The person in charge for the Nazi concentration camps was Heinrich Himmler. Himmler committed suicide in May 1945.

What man was in charge of the Nazi death camps in World War 2?

Adolf Hitler. _____ The Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps were run by the SS, which was headed by Himmler.

What group was in charge of the Nazi Death Camps?

The Schutzstaffel (SS).

Who ran the death camp majdanek?

All Nazi concentration camps and death camps were run by the SS (except in 1933-34).

Who ran the Treblinka death camp?

All the Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps were run by the SS.

Who lead he Nazi death camps?

The concentration camps wass ran by the Leader of the SS Heinrich Himmler

How were the Jews treated in Nazi Germany 1936?

Jews in Nazi Germany were treated very poorly. The were beaten, sent to concentration camps, their businesses were burnt down and many were killed.

Who was iinvolved in the Nazi death camps?

Is there any Nazi death camps that still exist?

Yes but they are not in use.

When did the nazi death camps end?

the last gassing was in December 1944.

What year were the Jews in Nazi death camps liberated?

1944 and 1945.

Where we're nazi death camps located?

All over germany

What do they do to people in Nazi camps?

Your question should really be stated in the past tense, since the Nazi death camps were closed in 1945. In those camps, people were imprisoned, abused, starved, and killed.