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How were homes like in Ancient Egypt?


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  • There are no forests in Egypt so wood is scarce and is not used for house building.
  • The earliest inhabitants of Egypt lived in huts made from papyrus reeds.
  • However, it was soon discovered that the mud left behind after the annual flooding of the Nile (inundation) could be made into bricks which could be used for building. Bricks were made by mixing mud and straw and leaving them to dry in the sun.
  • Although mud brick houses were relatively cheap to make, they were not very strong and began to crumble after a few years.
  • The houses of the richest people were stronger because they could afford to build their home from stone.
  • Most houses had at least three rooms and all houses had flat roofs which formed part of the living area.
  • The farmhouse has two floors. The upper floor is used for living space while the lower floor is used to store crops. A reed canopy has been made on the roof to provide shade.
  • Windows and doors were covered with reed mats to keep out dust, flies and heat.