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Because you touch yourself at night

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Q: How were innocent people affected in world war 1?
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How did the New Zealand war affect others?

war affected people who were innocent it also affected the well-being of indigenous people

How were the civillians affected by World War 2?

how did war effect people

How the world war 2 affected people in the Caribbean?


What happened to homosexuals in World War 1?

Nothing. Gay people were affected by WWI the same way straight people were affected.

Why were people involved in World War 2?

People were involved in world war 2 because it affected everyone and everything.___Answered by a 6th grader.

How was Texas affected by World War I after it ended?

How was Texas affected by world war 1

What religion group as affected the most by world war 2?

the jewish people.

Was World War 2 a 'total war' for Australia?

Yes, it involved and affected all Australian people.

What was the effect of communism on World War 2?

the Bolshevik revolution affected WWII in many ways. one of these is that Russia went under a new rule. The Bolsheviks (communists) overthrew the monarchy that was in place.

Why were innocent people cruelly sacrificed in World War 2?

When it is intentional its called genocide. When its done in support of a war its called collateral damage.

What was so bad of World War 2?

Because people died during the war. It was either soldiers, animals, and even innocent civilians.

Is World War 1 different from the Iraq war?

Yes, aside from Innocent people getting killed for the gratification of the super rich and powerful