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They could've held one person half way out of the boat so that he could kick his way to the destination.

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Longboats were swift and maneuverable vessels used by Scandinavian warriors known as Vikings for raiding, trading, and exploration. These boats allowed the Vikings to travel long distances, navigate through shallow waters, and surprise their enemies with sudden attacks. Longboats were an essential part of Viking warfare and played a key role in their expansion and influence throughout Europe during the Viking Age.

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Q: How were longboats used by Scandinavian warriors?
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Who are Scandinavian warriors who sailed longboats?

Known as a Viking. From an old Norse word meaning a freebooter, sea rover or pirate

Who were the warriors of the Scandinavian homelands?

The Vikings.

What types of ships are available for Scandinavian cruises?

There are a variety of different types of ships which offer Scandinavian cruises. You can choose from luxury liners to viking longboats it depends on your tastes.

What Scandinavian warriors who raided Europe in the middle ages?

The Vikings.

What were the ships called that the Vikings used to venture out from their homeland beginning in the late A.D. 700s?

Longboats or Longships.

Was kievan rus a union of city -states organized by Scandinavian warriors?


What do buried Viking treasures tell us about the Scandinavian warriors?

The things they used in their day to day lives. What places they traded with. What skills they had. What they ate and drank. How big they were.

What is a viking merchant ship called?

The Vikings used longboats.

How are longboats diffrent from boats that are used today?

we use a moter

Who were the Scandinavian sea-warriors who raided Europe in the 8th to the 11th centuries?

The Vikings.

What are the housecarls?

They were Scandinavian men who served as servants to high ranking nobles and kings, but they were not slaves. Typically they were warriors who acted as bodyguards. The Saxon kingdoms of England also had "huscarls" which were basically the same thing.

Which group lists all the proper nouns in this sentence The last group of raiders to terrorize western Europe were the Vikings fierce Scandinavian warriors who almost overran England before King Alfre?

The common nouns are:groupraiderswarriorspeaceThe proper nouns are:EuropeVikingsEnglandKing AlfredKing GuthrumDanesNote: The word 'Scandinavian' is used as a proper adjective in this sentence.