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People decided they wanted to know how to get places so others created maps for them!

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Q: How were maps invented?
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Why were maps invented?

Maps were invented for people to find their way easier. they were easier because the lay out had all of the information onit

When was Google Maps invented?


Why he invented maps?

so people can now where to go

Who invented map?

Ptolemy was the first person to invent maps

Who invented most common projective for maps?

Gerardus Mercator

What were medieval maps made out of?

medieval maps were made out of parchment before the Chinese invented paper a few years later

Who invented the most common projection for world maps?

the answer is "Gerardus Mercator"

Why were flat maps invented?

Flat maps were drawn that way, because no one knew that the earth was round, until after Christopher Colombus.

Were maps invented by the time it was 1933 And if yes were they as useful as it is in modern society Did many people use maps back in 1933?

No. Maps were invented in the early hundreds. A map is a pictorial drawing of the land and information about the land. The first man who asked his friend about how to find a place, probably resulted in a map drawn out on a piece of bark. Detailed maps date back thousands of years.

Who discoved Christmas Island and Hawaii?

I invented christmas and swam to hawaii before it was on maps

People invented flat maps because globes cannot show what?

people invented the gun and bravery died

Who invented the map legend?

Legends were said to first be used on Babylonian maps in 2300 BCE. They oriented maps so that they could find their way around their major cities.

Who invented the papryus?

Papyrus wasn't invented, as it is was type of reed that was abundant near the Nile River in ancient Egypt. However, papyrus paper was invented by the ancient Egyptians, which was used for drawing maps, etc.

People invented flat maps because globes cannot show?

not enough detail/does not show the space between the continents.

Who invented Street View?

Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth launched in 2007.

What is the list of Internet and PC what-ifs?

The list of the Internet and PC what-ifs are: What if Google Maps were invented in the 1980s? What if YouTube was invented in the 1980s? What if Wikipedia was invented in the 1980s? What if Myspace was invented in the 1980s? What if Yahoo was invented in the 1980s? What if Facebook was invented in the 1980s? What if Twitter was invented in the 1980s? What if Deviant Art was invented in the 1980s? What if Skype was invented in the 1980s? What if Google Video (launched in 2005) lasted forever on the Internet? What if laptops were invented in the 1950s? and millions of other what-ifs.

What inventions were made in 2005?

Numerous products and ideas are invented every single year. In 2005, the internet video site, YouTube, was invented. Additionally, Google introduced Google Maps in 2005.

Who invented nazi zombies?

The zombie mode was invented by Treyarch and a bonus map for World at War PS3 and Xbox 360 editions. New maps were also added for each DLC to the game

Different kinds of maps?

Political Maps Mobility Maps Transit maps Thematic Maps Inventory Maps

What are the 4 different types of maps?

There are actually six maps, not four; they are: Climate maps; Economic maps; Physical maps; Political maps; Road maps; and Topographic maps.

Where do you find bagon in Pokemon crater?

you can find it in cave maps , electric maps and ice maps. you can find it in cave maps , electric maps and ice maps. you can find it in cave maps , electric maps and ice maps.

What is the different types of map?

There are 7 different types of maps that are use today. These maps include political maps , physical maps, topographic maps , climate maps, economic (or resource) maps, road maps, and thematic maps.

What are three types of global maps?

There are many types of global maps. These maps include climate maps, economic or resource maps, physical maps, and political maps.

How many types of weather maps are there?

There are 5 types of weather maps. There are Pressure Maps, Station Model Maps, Aviation Maps, Temperature Maps, and Streamline Maps.

What are the 5 maps?

thematic maps,inventory map,politily maps,mobitily maps,transit maps