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How were prisoners at Auschwitz treated?

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They were treated like scum, they had to work all day doing pointless things like cleaning batteries. They ate watery soup with different types of bugs in it. They slept in basically cabinet like beds and slept with thousands of other people. Then, they either got poisoned by showers, died of diseases, or died of too much work.

  1. Most were killed as soon as practical after arrival.
  2. Some were selected for work as slave labourers and worked to death.
  3. Some were used for 'medical' experiments.
  4. Some died when the camps were evacuated on foot (death marches) in January 1945.
  5. A few survived.

They were all treated appallingly.

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How long did prisoners stay at Auschwitz?

In general prisoners were worked until exhaustion then taken to Auschwitz to be killed. Prisoners would not have stayed in Auschwitz for more than a year, up to 12,000 prisoners were killed per day in Auschwitz.

What did the prisoners do in Auschwitz?

Prisoners in Auschwitz just worked, eat, sleep and did. there was no time for entertainment.

Who were the prisoners of Auschwitz?

the prisoners at Auschwitz were Jewish mens, womens and childrens that were polish, christian. and were force to go to Auschwitz if they didn't they will be killed

How sanitary was Auschwitz?

The sanitary at Auschwitz was very poor for the prisoners in it.

What did prisoners at Auschwitz do for fun?

Nothing, being in Auschwitz was NOT fun.

Who invented the Auschwitz?

The idea of Auschwitz was Hitler. but the people who built it it was the prisoners, who was going to be in Auschwitz.

Where were Auschwitz prisoners from?

Auschwity Prisoners were mainly from Hungary and Poland

Who was the only man to get prisoners from Auschwitz?

many people got prisoners from Auschwitz, the Buna works probably got the most.

Which prisoners were not tattooed?

The only Nazi camp that tattooed prisoners was the Auschwitz group, where prisoners selected for work were tattooed. Prisoners at other camps and those sent immediately to be gassed at Auschwitz were not tattooed.

What did the prisoners do at Auschwitz?

building mainly

Did prisoners get an education at Auschwitz?

No, of course not.

What Soldiers from what country were sent to the same camps as the Jews?

Soviet prisoners of war were treated abominably by the Nazis. Some were sent to Auschwitz and killed there.

How did prisoners get to Auschwitz?

Jewish prisoners were shipped to Auschwitz by train. It was known as one of the deadliest camps in Europe. There, the prisoners were forced to do manual labor or sent directly to the gas chambers to be killed.

What was it like in Auschwitz?

unpleasant, especially for the prisoners.

Did anyone escape from Auschwitz?

About 300 prisoners escaped from Auschwitz without being recaptured.

How many prisoners could be housed at Auschwitz?

About 17,000 at Auschwitz I, II and III combined.

How many people escaped from Auschwitz?

According to the Wikipedia article on Auschwitz about 300 prisoners escaped from the Auschwitz group of camps.

How many prisoners died of starvation in the Auschwitz?

a lot

What did prisoners at Auschwitz have tattooed on their arm?

Their prisoner number

Where did the prisoners sleep in Auschwitz?

In the barracks on concrete blockes

How many prisoners were at Auschwitz-Birkenau?


Were there gay prisoners at Auschwitz?

Yes, and 48 of them were killed.

How were prisoners registered at Auschwitz?

They had numbers to represent their names

What were the reasons why prisoners died in in Auschwitz?

because the deaseses

Did any prisoners at Auschwitz die from dhydration?


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