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Q: How were the German prisoners treated by the allies in world war 2?
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How were the Axis leaders be treated after World War 2?

they was treated like allies

How was Italy treated by the allies after World War 2?

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How where black prisoners of world war 1 treated?

Probably the same as white prisoners due to the fact there f**ing prisoners.

How did the defeat of German allies in World War 1 allow the allies to win the war?

The German Allies surrenedered because they want peace, and then the allies killed them all.

How were German Canadians treated during world war 2?

German Canadians were treated very badly.

Were Japanese prisoners of the World War 2 mistreated in Australia?

They were treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention. Australian prisoners of the Japanese were not.

How many World War 2 German Prisoners of war are still living?

ask a german

What has the author Hannelore Freisleben written?

Hannelore Freisleben has written: 'Gemartert, gemassregelt, gehenkt!' -- subject(s): Fiction, German Prisoners and prisons, Political prisoners, Prisoners and prisons, German, Prisoners and prisons, Russian, Russian Prisoners and prisons, World War, 1914-1918, World, War, 1939-1945

What The collapse of the German allies led to the German surrender in World War 1?


What has the author Giuseppe Caforio written?

Giuseppe Caforio has written: 'No!' -- subject(s): German Prisoners and prisons, Prisoners and prisons, German, Prisoners of war, World War, 1939-1945 '... come le formiche ..'

How did Prisoners of war Post get to their families during World War 2 without the planes or ships being destroyed?

Generally it was transported to & fro (In Europe at least) by the Red Cross. This applies to British & US forces. The Red Cross did much to ensure the safety and survival of hundreds & thousands of prisoners. There is then a vast contrast between on one hand the treatment of German & Italian prisoners held by the Allies & the Russian prisoners of the Nazis and the German prisoners of the Russians & similarly the Japanese Allied prisoners: The conditions were appalling. There were very few Japanese prisoners: Surrender wasn't an option.

What did the prisoners call the German soldiers during World War 2?


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