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Q: How were the governments of the Lakota and the cheyenne bothe alike and different?
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How are the national and state governments alike and different?

i have no clue at all thank you very much.

How are limited and unlimited governments alike?

they both have governments and have a ruler

How are the governments of HitlerMussolini and Stalin alike?

they kill peeps

How were the state governments alike?

They all had the same amount of power

How are the US and Germany governments similar?

they are alike by there cultures maybe beliefs and the people

Earth and sun alike or different?

They are both alike and different.

Are seahorse or jellyfish alike?

No, They are not alike as they have different size, features. There might be a similarity but in my view they arent alike. There food is different, there way of living is also different so in my opinion they are not alike.

How are the moon and earth alike. and how are they different.?

How is the Moon different from Earth?How are they alike?

How are unit fractions alike and different?

The answer depends on what they are meant to be alike and different from!

How are fractions alike and different?

Fractions are alike if they have the same denominators; otherwise they are different.

How are the label in each period alike How are they different?

they are alike because they are different columns of digits and they are different because they have different. ddf

Are the offers alike or different?

i think alike

How are the Shang and the Zhou governments alike?

Both Shang and Zhou Dynasties had weak government.

How are computers and biological viruses alike and different?

how are computer and biological viruses alike and different

In what ways are barter and money alike and different?

How are money and barter and money alike and different

Are Atoms of different elements exactly alike?

No, atoms of different elements are not exactly alike.

What are two ways in which minerals can form alike and how they are different?

which minerals can form are alike and how they are different

How are the labels in each period alike how are they different?

They are alike because they are all different columns of digits and they are different because they have different columns.

How are common and decimal fractions alike and different?

They are not alike, they are different, but they can be identical in value. Example :- 3/4 and 0.75 are different ways of expressing the same quantity and they are not alike at all.

How are music and poetry alike and different?

music and poetry are alike because they both have a rhythm. they are different because music is longer than a peom!that is how poetry and music are alike and different!

How are soils different and alike?

w is soil alike

How are they alike and different?

they are alike by leukemia involving the bone marrow but different by not having the same problems.

How are metals and semimetals alike and different?

their are alike by their feeling and touch... sorry but i just cant seem to get the answer on how they're different..

How were the rulers chandragupta nd chandragupta i alike and how are they different?

How were the rulers Chandragupta and Chandragupta i alike and how are they different.

How were the governments of fascist Italy and nazi Germany alike?

People had sex during both times