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How were the native Americans affected by white europeans?

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The whites came to the America's and demanded land from the Natives they would kill and hurt Natives and destroy there land when the Natives were there first. The whites would also force the Natives to be there servants and make them get gold and riches for them

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Q: How were the native Americans affected by white europeans?
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What did europeans do to make Native Americans become extinct?

Many thousands of Native Americans were killed by diseases such as smallpox that was spread to them, intentionally and unintentionally, by white settlers.

Why are Mexicans hairy?

Genetics. Most Mexicans have a 50/50 of genes from Native Americans and White Europeans.

How were the native Americans affected by westward expasion?

the effect was they had to move of there land because white people took it

Advocates of assimilation regarded Native Americans as?

Advocates of assimilation regarded Native Americans as lesser than white Europeans and thought their culture was inferior. This movement persisted between 1790 and 1920.

What was daily life like for the Sioux Native Americans before the white europeans come along?

they got drunk allot

Why were white settlers racist against the native Americans?

They weren't raciest, the native Americans thought that the white people were disrespecting the land and the white people thought that the native Americans were immoral.

Did Native Americans eat honey?

No. Honey was introduced by Europeans around the 17th century. The Natives referred to bees as "white man's flies"

How did the Americans treated the native Americans?

The white men (Americans) treated the native Americans horribly they took over the native Americans land and left the native people with nothing

What did Native Americans call buffalos?

the native americans call the buffalo tatanka. the white buffalo is sacred to the native americans.

When the native Americans died who did the Europeans turn to for labor?

African American slaves as well as working class white people. They didn't use Native Americans as labor due to the fact that they were dieing too quick from disease and would not be helpful.

Why did French settlers cooperate with local Native Americans?

because they wanted the native Americans to kill the white Americans

How did white Americans justify their policies toward native Americans?

President Jackson said that it would be in the Native American's best interest to be far away from white Americans.

How were Native Americans affected by manifest destiny?

The native Americans were affected in 5 ways. They lost land, their buffalo supply were soon depleted by over hunting, they were forced west on the Trail of Tears, diseases were spread by the 'White Men," and many were beaten to death for no reason at all by soldiers sent to "protect" them.

How did Michael Jackson feel about native Americans?

He felt for native Americans it is likt the song 'black or White'.

Why is the white bear important to Native Americans?

which native americans? (there are hundreds of different tribes) & are u sure u don't mean white buffalo?

What was the religion of the Native American?

Ever since the arrival of the Europeans, Europeans converted Native Americans to Christianity by force. That is why most Native Americans with religion are Christian though some maintain their original spiritual beliefs, and others are any other religion. There was no "religion" of the Native American. Native America consisted and consists today of many, many different tribes and clans. Each had their own spirituality. Fake Natives Americans who are actually White, tend to mis-represent Native Spirituality by lumping all the Native stereotypes together and making up fake religious ceremonies to make money.

Are Americans Europeans?

Not all Americans are European. White Americans are European, but not Asian Americans, African Americans, etc. (European by ethnicity not nationality)

Why were Native Americans granted sovereignty?

To assimilate Native Americans to white culture. Dawes Act was also a factor.

How did native American migration differ from that of white Americans?

most native Americans migrated after being forced from their land.

Why are Mexicans or Hispanics not considered to be Native Americans?

Because Mexican is a nationality, while "Native American" is a general term defining the people who inhabited the Americas before the arrival of Europeans on the 15th and 16th centuries. You can find white, mestizo, middle-eastern and even Asian Mexicans and by that definition they can't be "Native Americans"

How did the attitudes of Native Americans and white settlers toward nature differ?

Native Americans believed nature was sacred. White settlers believed nature was a resource.

How did the attitude of Native Americans and white settlers toward nature differ?

native americans believed nature was sacred. white settlers believed nature was a resource

What religion were the Iroquois Indians?

The spiritual world of the Iroquois included many beliefs and deities. The Great Spirit was one of the most important. Native Americans had no concept or word for 'religion' until the Europeans got involved. What the white men saw as religion is a natural way of life for the Native American. Only the Europeans felt the need to convert. Native Americans did not fight or kill over spiritual beliefs.

What intervention by the Europeans affect the lives of the Native American?

Europeans valued everything in money terms. Native Americans wanted to live in balance with nature. The Native American population decreased due to disease, war, and government removal to land that would not support them. Native Americans easily became sick from European-imported illnesses. Epidemics of smallpox and measles killed many. The Native American way of life changed after trading with the Europeans. At first Native Americans wanted metal products which they couldn't make themselves, such as axe-heads and knives. Later they realized the value of guns. Having guns and horses completely changed the way Native Americans hunted for food. After the Revolutionary War officially ended in 1783, settlers again poured into Native American territory. This forced Native Americans to move westward. Native Americans had no concept of "private property". Because of this many treaties were signed giving "white men" the right to take the land.

How did native Americans resist white settlement?