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They were alike because they worked in plantations and they are different because proprietors also controlled many southern colonies

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Q: How were the rights of womens enslaved Africans and free blacks in colonial new york alike and different?
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Who are enslaved people?

Who is nobody but an enslaved African is a slave who usually works for no pay. The slaves sometimes worked for hour on end without breaks, some were even abused and they would always get beaten.

Why were blacks enslaved?

The blacks were inslaved because they were not common in ancient Egypt

What was the social hierarchy of the Caribbean?

The social hierarchy of the Caribbean during colonial times was typically structured based on race and wealth. White Europeans held the highest positions of power, followed by mixed-race individuals, free blacks, and enslaved Africans at the bottom. This hierarchy was reinforced through systems of slavery, segregation, and discrimination.

What race were used as slaves?

Blacks Black BLacks

What Did They Do If They Were enslaved for slavery?

Some Of the enslaved Blacks worked in houses ,fields,and woods .

How did enslaved blacks respond to the condition slavery?

Enslaved blacks responded to slavery in various ways, including resistance through forms like rebellion, escape, and sabotage. They also maintained their cultural traditions and created new forms of expression as a way to preserve their identity and resist the dehumanization of slavery. Some enslaved individuals also sought to gain freedom through legal means, such as by purchasing their own freedom or seeking assistance from abolitionists.

Why is it important to know about the presence of Africans in early European colonial exploration and settlement in American north of the Rio Grade or about the multiple roles originally played by bl?

Why is it important to know about the presence of Africans in early European colonial exploration and settlement in American north of the Rio Grade, or about the multiple roles originally played by blacks in Dutch or English colonial societies?

Where white people ever enslaved by blacks?


What did the southern states do after nat turner rebellion?

they passed laws to control both enslaved and free blacks

Slavery of blacks in the British colonies was?

unique, since no other colonial nation had ever enslaved blacks ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That is a false statement. The Spanish were the first to own black slaves. The word Negro even means black in spanish which is the name that was adopted by the English colonies. Try again.

What race came first?

Sub saharan Africans or blacks

How did blacks learn how to plant tend the rice crops and process it?

Blacks in the American South learned rice cultivation techniques from Africans who were skilled in rice farming. Enslaved Africans brought their knowledge of rice cultivation and processing with them to the United States, and they passed on these skills to subsequent generations. Through trial and error, experimentation, and adaptation to the local environment, they developed successful rice cultivation practices.