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How will a careless driving ticket in New Jersey with New Jersey registration and insurance but a Kansas license affect your DMV or insurance points?


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The current age of driving in New Jersey is 17.

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License, registration, and proof of insurance.

Your driver's license will not be suspended in Pennsylvania if you have a suspended registration. A driver's license can be suspended for driving without insurance or if you get a DUI.

The person who owns the car is responsible for license, insurance and registration. You are required to have your own insurance.

You will have NO license to add anything to, and probably get a very steep fine and jail.

Because the car's in your registration its your fault if the person's driving it dont have their license and they get pulled over not only would your insurance go up your car might get impounded.

it will defiantly affect the premiums and depending on the insurance company they might drop him.

car license yes, insurance and registration are not required though i would recommend insurance.

As far as I am aware, no. That is the point of the Careless Driving conviction. Just be thankful the judge/prosecutor was willing to cut you the deal, pay the fine (plus that absurd surcharge), and drive carefully.

There is no specific "unsafe lane change" in NJ, so the ticket may be for careless driving or simply failure to use the turn signal. In hte event an accident occurred, the ticket would almost certainly be for careless driving. The fines for each will vary by the local municipal court. The turn signal fine could run from $25 to $100, with the careless driving fine from $50 to $250. However, what is worse is the careless driving is a moving violation, which will place points on your license (these will be placed there even if you are unlicensed completely and will last for years). The points will result in higher insurance costs for years and can result in loss of license.

You could have your license revoked for two years. You could also be fined and even go to jail as a result of this.

Yes. All vehicles on public roads must have valid proof of registration, license and insurance when they are being driven on any public right of way.

No, you do not. I have my registration, and no license; and I am driving =)

If you have no drivers license then you have no business driving a vehicle, therfore you do not need insurance.

In some states, failure to maintain registration or insurance on a vehicle can result in the loss of a driver's license. Some states also have restrictions on renewing licenses that could result in being unable to renew an existing license.

You can be convicted for number of faults if you are driving without a driving license. For example you can also be convicted for not having insurance. Because driving without valid driving license invalidates your insurance also.

No, just a valid registration, license plate, and insurance. Edit: You do your test in their car, so they already have the L plates on if that was what you meant..

Contact your insurance company and supply them with your current address. That address should match your car registration as well as your driver's license.

If you prove the registration in court, they will drop the charges. You will still be charged with driving on revoked license.

Not if you're driving a gaurdians vehicle that has insurance.

Could be a fine, or suspension of your driver's license. In Pennsylvania, they can suspend your car's registration, and/or tow the car away

i got a careless driving get 2 points and have to pay a $85 ticket........but if you show up to court the judge will remove the points from your still have to pay the fine

NO! Driving on a revoked license is deliberat act, providing that you knew you are not supposed to drive.

Driving with no auto insurance is considered one of the more serious offenses you can commit well driving a vehicle. With that in mind some common things that happen if you are found driving without insurance include having your driver's license suspended, having your vehicle registration suspended, receiving a traffic ticket, hefty fines, and that you file an SR-22.

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