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How will a tattoo look after 5 years?


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my inner wrist tattoo practically didn't fade one bit after 5 years, maybe got very slightly bigger (i can only see that after comparing the photos of it just after getting it done 5 years ago), but it looks amazing, still deep black as the day it was made, people cannot believe it has more that a few months/weeks :D On the other hand, the inner ankle tat that i got 4 years ago didn't age so well, although still looks really good, it's just not as good as the wrist one. It was made by another artist, so I guess it really depends on how well the tat was made in the first place, did it penetrate the skin to the right level and of course things like sun exposure/proper care. So my advice - if you want a longlasting tattoo that still looks good over time, get it in the less sun-exposed place on your body and obviously pick the good & trustworthy artist, make sure to do a kind of background check on him/her ;] hope that helps! xx