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Q: How will nuclear energy affect the future?
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What are the future uses of nuclear energy?

In the future the uses remain the same: production of electrical and thermal energy and nuclear weapons.

Which alternative energy source do you think should be developed in the future?

I consider that the nuclear energy is a chance for the future.

Which alternative energy source do you think should developed in the future explain.?

I consider that the nuclear energy is a chance for the future.

How does nuclear engery affect the economy?

The nuclear energy is now the most important source of alternative energy.

What percent of the US' energy does nuclear fusion supply?

The nuclear fusion is not used now as a source of energy; probable possible in a far future.

What is the code for future fusion?

Meaningless question as far as nuclear energy

Disease that affect nuclear energy?

Their ain't any disease that affects nuclear energy. Nuclear radiation can cause leukaemia and other cancers if above a certain level.

What is the possibility of uranium as future source of energy?

The energy of the nuclear fission is transformed in heat or electricity.The use of nuclear fuels is profitable on long term.

Is nuclear energy reliable?

Because it pollutes the earth and may not be much in future.

What is the largest percentage of energy released in a nuclear detonation?

blast affect

How does hospital us nuclear fusion?

Nuclear fusion is not a practical source of energy yet, though it may be in the distant future

What is the SONE Nuclear organization supporting?

SONE stands for Supporters Of Nuclear Energy. They are an organization that want to promote nuclear energy as not only an acceptable means of energy production, but a necessary one in order to face the future energy demands of the world. They feel nuclear energy would help developed countries to keep a sustainable economy.