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Q: How will you compare pascal programming to the other programming language?
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Who is credited with writing the pascal programming language?

Niklaus Wirth invented Pascal, along with other programming languages.

What is purpose of pascal?

The Pascal language is used just like any other programming language. In the 70's and 80's, Pascal and Basic were the most common languages taught for beginning programming classes. Pascal is the foundation of the popular Delphi programming language as well as part of the Oxygene language for .NET. Pascal language is easier to read and is not case sensitive, which can add to difficulty in learning programming. It's also easier to debug.

What are the Examples of portable programming language?

Many programming languages allow programs to be portable from one kind of computer to another, including* the C programming language* Pascal* Forth* C++* Java* Pythonand many others. Yes, the C programming language was designed to encourage machine-independent programming.The C programming language is portable to more CPUs than any other programming language.

List advantages of Object Oriented Pascal programming language?

Objective Pascal is a member of the Pascal family of programming languages, and is easy to learn for those with a strong Pascal background, therefore. The language supports object oriented solutions with built-in language features, making it a good candidate choice for modern software development. (Note that the disadvantages weigh heavy though. Objective Pascal, and any other Pascal dialects, is little used compared to the mainstream programming languages, and may not include support for the popular .NET platform. Programs written in this language are tied to development tools from a small number of smaller vendors. It is therefore highly questionable whether this choice of language is a sustainable choice for a new development project.)

What is the difference between Structured Programming Language from Object Oriented Programming Language?

A true OOP language uses blocks of programming that have data fields and act as objects to accomplish tasks. These objects interact with each other and demonstrate inheritance. OOP languages include Java, C++ and Perl. Structured Programming uses subroutines, blocks, and for and while loops to keep the programming readable. Some structured programming languages are ALGOL and Pascal.

What is C language?

C is a computer programming language. It was developed by Dennis Retchie of America. In this language as its name shows, we make computer programs or software. It is not very hard but easy and understandable then other programming languages. It is also efficient and complete programming language as compare to other languages. In this language our syntax error will be find by the compiler. The compiler also tell us that where is the error in our program. Many more features of this programming language are in its Help directory.

Why c is called high level language?

Because C is one of the high level programming languages. Other examples: Pascal, Fortran, List, JavaScript, APL

What are example of programming language?

C, C++ and java are a couple. There are still many other programming language.

What are programming language and program coding?

programming language is just kind of a different language that we use to communicate with other , in same way we use these language to communicate with machine . Programming code is the built in code which is understood by only programmer & the machine

Is machine language a programming language?

Machine code is a programming language; it is the only language natively understood by the machine. All other languages must be converted to machine code in order to execute.

Why algol programming language superseded with other programming language?

For one, it never had been standardized, and no big software company (read: IBM) supported it.

What is the difference between modular programming language and Structured Programming language and Object oriented programming language?

They are all modular, structured deals more with processes and object oriented deals with things (objects) and their responsibilities to each other.

What are the differences between procedural programming language and object oriented programming language?

procedural programming language is the language where the program instructions are executed line by other words, the instructions are carried on, in the basis of encountered instruction.whereas in the object oriented programming language the instructions are executed on the basis of the objects.the objects are being explained in OOP langauge.

What is function interdependent in programming language?

Function which uses other function as part of it programming is known as function interdependent

What are the design principles of programming language?

In programming language, simplicity is one of the primary principles. Other principles include automation, and avoiding arbitrary sequences when possible.

Which programming language uses a string of 1s and 0s?

You, as a programmer, can use a string with 1s and and 0s (or any other content) in each and every programming language.

Why c language cannot be developed in any other programming language?

Your question makes no sense. If you wanted to ask if it is possible to write a C-compiler in another programming language, the answer would be yes.

What is the difference between language and script?

There is no real difference; a scripting language is a programming language like any other. We use the term script to infer a programming language that does not need to be compiled to a lower-level code before running. Generally speaking, a scripting language is usually a high-level, interpreted programming language.

Special features of pascal programming language?

Unlike C++, Pascal is a "safe" language. While it is possible to write incorrect programs, they can't harm more than themselves; they can't get a pointer into some other concurrently executing program and start changing values over there. If you're considering Pascal, take a long hard look at Python or Ruby first. They are modern safe languages, suitable for teaching, which enjoy better support on modern systems than Pascal. They are also freely available.

What are the advantages of turbo pascal?

it would help you logically.. and would simply introduce to you what is programming.. and about coding.. as having knowledge about this turbo pascal.. it is like studying first the logic needed in coding... ^^. Well, this question implies two things. First, the programming language Pascal is good because it is simple and easy to learn, compared to other languages e.g. C or Java. The code written in Pascal is also easy to read. There is less bugs (mistakes) when we write programs in Pascal, again compared to C. Second, the Turbo Pascal (software package) is a good environment for us to conveniently write Pascal programs. There are shortcut keys to compile and run the program. There are tools for debugging (correcting mistakes) in our code, too.

What is pseudo code in c?

Pseudo-code means something between natural language and actual programming -- so it has nothing to do with C (or any other programming language).

What is the advantage of java comparing with other programming languages?

Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language, which basically means that you can do more with it than you can do with a language that is not object-oriented.

How do you design webpages using C programming language?

Web-page designing and C-programming have nothing to do with each other.

A programming language that encourages structured programming?

C++ (or any other C language) encourages structured programming. I'm not sure if you are asking for an 'object oriented language' rather than structured. If that's the case, any C language or Java would fit the description perfectly.

What is the HTML code for drop box?

There is no HTML code that will create a drop box on your page. You need to use JavaScript, PHP, or some other programming language to do that. HTML is a formatting language, not a programming language.