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You are in love when, well, you can't really say. But you definitely should know when you are. If that person doesn't love you back, let him/her go.

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What if she has feelings for someone else?

Then let her know of these feelings, if she still insists her feelings for another person, let her have him.

Im in love with this person but this person dont know?

Let the person know your feelings do not assume. Try and open up to the person.

How do you know if your gay friend is in love with you?

Ask him. Depending on your feelings, either return the feelings or tell him you are straight and just like him as a friend.

What do you do if you get a love letter?

Well, first off, decide if you want to return it or read it. If you read it, and if you share the writer's feelings, let them know. Who knows, maybe one day you'll be dating. Even if you don't like the person, tell them the truth about your feelings.

How do you know your i love?

You know you are in love when you have feelings towards others. You think of the person you are in love with.

What are the most popular jobs in Miami?

A beach hut person i think i honestly do not know

How do you know when your ready?

When you honestly and truly know that you love the person that you are ready with, and you cannot be ready with someone until they are ready with you....

How do you know if a guy says he has feelings for you but were just friends what does that really mean?

Honestly, that probably means he wants the "Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am".

How can you tell if a friend still has feelings for you?

Answer You should be able to tell if you are around that person. If you cannot visit with or talk with them in person it can be difficult to know if they still have feelings for you or not unless they in some way or another let you know.

How do you know whether she feels the same way?

Just tell her your feelings and ask if she feels the same. The worst that could happen is she wouldn't return those feelings but it'll eventually get better trust me i know =]

How do you know if a guys is just a player?

From a woman's point of view... trust me, YOU'LL KNOW! there will be some small intuition to NOT TRUST THIS PERSON. I think about the times when I dated players, and I can honestly say that when I looked back, there was something shady about them -- but because I liked them so much, I dismissed it. Listen to your feelings.

How do you know her feelings about us?

This sounds like a question toward a specific person.

How can you know if you are experiencing true love?

If you have been friends with this person, then your feelings for him/her is "friendship love". But if your feelings have changed towards him/her, (as in emotionally love...) then you'll know that you're in love. You'll know this when you try it.

How do you know for sure if he really does like you?

simply that is if he honestly tells you and/or if he cares and/or if he's interested in u as a person

What part of south America are steppes found in?

"I honestly do not know" If you honestly don't know, then don't answer.

Why guys deny feelings?

They do that because they don't want you to know there true feelings cause if you like someone you wouldn't want to tell that person that you liked them so guys deny there feelings

What do you do if a girl likes you but you are not sure you should go out with her?

Think about how much you like her in return; do you get along well with her, do you know her well enough, etc. If you are still not sure either way, talk to her and explain what you feel. You can discuss whether you will go out or not then. Get to know her and make sure you like her aswell you shouldn't go out with enyone unless you honestly like them express your feelings and then form a relationship

The theory of continental drift suggests that?

that you get a book and find it your self *I honestly do not know, but the person above is MEAN:-[! haha*

How do you deal with the fact you like someone and thay know but have done nothing about it?

You say this person knows you have special feelings for them. Then be direct and ask the person how they feel about you. Try never to hide behind shyness. If you need to know something just ask. If the person doesn't share your feelings, move on.

How do you know if i have a crush?

when you see that person and you get weird feelings like butterflies in your stomach that's when you know you've got a crush.

How do you return a virus to the person who sent it to you?

You don't. If it was a person you know it was probably an accident. If it is from someone you don't know it's probably a false address.

What do you call someone who is friends with your enemy?

Well if they know your enemies with that person then they are not a true friend. If they dont know talk to them and tell them they you have deep,bad feelings for that person. He/she will understand.

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Why would readers become closer to a first person narrator than a third person narrator?

readers know the thoughts and feelings of a first-person narrator

Why some people hurt very fast for small matters?

Because they have feelings like us. We all are not robot with no feelings. No matter what kind of matters whether small matters or big matters. We all have feelings. So... if you want to talk to the person or the person that you know, try talk with some politeness, respect and nicely. So that the person feelings will not hurt. Okay? Understand?