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How will you justify water is a compound?


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Water is made up of elements Hydrogen and Oxygen with the chemical formula: H2O. It can easily be disassociated with electrolysis into the elements Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2), and reformed with combustion.

It has aspects of both covalent and ionic bonds. It is generally considered neutral, but can be a proton donor to act as a weak acid. H2O --> HO- + H+.

It can also act as a weak base, being a proton acceptor. H2O + H+ --> H3O+.


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Water is a compound formed by chemical combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Chemical properties are changed in water, therefore it is a compound. also, in water, hydrogen and oxygen are in a fixed proportion by weight i.e. 1:8. these are not the properties of a mixture.

Water is a compound - H2O.

Water is a compound, salt is a compound, salt water is just a mixture and not a seprate compound.

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Water is a chemical compound - H2O.

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Why is water. Covalent compound

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Water IS a compound made of hydrogen and oxygen.

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