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How will you know if you are an alcoholic?


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June 18, 2016 1:55AM

When you cannot control your drinking, when you know you have had enough and still drink. You drink in the AM before work, you drink at lunchtime, dinner, evenings. You cannot let a day go by without a drink. You don't mean to but you ruin the holidays for your family and yourself when you are drinking, either you are a happy drunk or a mean drunk. You are mean and miserable when you are not drinking. You drink other family members bottle's of their special drink that they drink on occassion. You hide your alcohol. you abuse your family when you are drinking or not drinking. Every holiday is an excuse for you to drink even more, you drink to excess watching football games, you have no appetite. You may hit your children, wife and even your mother and father. You wreck your car, you have DUI's and still drive. You don't remember what you did or said, or deny you said it. anyone can tape an alcoholics conversation and play it back to them and they still will not believe they said it. You will reek of alcohol, people can smell it. You become a nervous wreck until you have a drink.

you can go by without a drink for a few days and say you will quit, but start drinking again. Drinking makes you feel better than you usually do when you are at work.

Their is also a binge drinker, these people go on binges and drink to excess at least once a week, they in turn usually have an alcohol problem.