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See a doctor and get a pregnancy test.

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sweetie when your pregnant, you don't get your period!!! so if you got your period, you aren't pregnant!!!

I think I know how God got pregnant. He married. Mary and he got her pregnant and then that's how. God has Jesus and that all that I thank from ashley

Congratulations!! The day you got pregnant would be sometime in December.

An ultrasound will be fairly accurate.

if my due date is in august will i know when i got pregnant

Lady Gaga is not pregnant. But, I'm sure you're old enough to know how she would've got pregnant if she was.

not that i know or heard of

If you know your due date, the doctor or midwife can probably tell you when (roughly) you got pregnant. Also, there are many online sites that can tell you your conception date if you know your due date

i dont know can someone plz tell me cause ive got a gerbil and i think shes pregnant 8/


she was 14 when she first got pregnant .. and 17 when she last got pregnant

some women just don't show signs of being pregnant. if you were on a contraceptive that took your period away, you wouldn't know if you got pregnant. It isn't as ridiculous as it sounds.

she confirmed it on E! where her television show is produced

We don't know yet it's a rumor saying he got Superhead pregnant.

If you took the doe to the bucks cage, he got on and then squealed and fell off he has bred your doe.

I don't know....... all i know is he got her pregnant.

You could still be pregnant. Take a test if you miss your period

U can no if u got pregnant by trowing up and fading and your period not coming and if u had sex with a men so thats how you know when someone's pregnant but never do cause it might hurt

in the first place the woman he got pregnant has to tel him about it. If there is any disagreement on whether it is his child the child's and the fathers DNA can be examined to see if they match.

DNA tests can show if youn are the father.

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